Internet Sales Representative Responsibilities

Like any other sales professional, the internet sales representative responsibilities are basically concerned with achieving maximum sales of the organization's products and services; but the only difference is that it is done online, i.e., with the help of internet. The internet sales representative interacts with a lot of customers by using computer or telephone, understanding what are the current needs that the potential customers are looking out for, and accordingly marketing the products and services of their organization. He/she is responsible for achieving and surpassing the assigned sales targets and ensuring that the customers remain satisfied.

Key Responsibilities

The internet sales representative is responsible for generating the accounts of new clients and providing consultation to the existing clients as well making them aware and selling the new products and services by implementing various internet based marketing and selling strategies. He/she works on the latest online marketing techniques, trends, etc., and may also help the clients to run their business successfully. He/she takes full advantage of the important business connections and networking opportunities to gain a significant increase in sales. He/she applies the search engine optimization techniques to build the sales. He/she makes effective use of the social networking and mobile web technology to extend and reach more customers, thereby leading to more sales. The following points will help you to understand the role of this professional in a better way:

  1. To understand the psychology of the internet customers, their needs, and accordingly target the customers and provide them in detail the knowledge of various services and products of the organization
  2. To communicate effectively with the prospective as well as the existing customers by adopting the ways they would like to interact via phone, internet or in person
  3. To direct the customers and guide them on the various product information resources, services, etc., that are available online
  4. To check the emails regularly and immediately respond to the inquiries or questions that may be posed by the clients and to make sure that the customers have been duly notified for the same
  5. To coordinate the internet promotions and to handle all the sales inquiries and work out strategies to attract new customers
  6. To keep contacts with the sales leads, assist in setting up of appointments, quote the requirements of the project and assist in closing of the sales as well

The internet sales representative makes every effort to achieve maximum sales and to reach the goals assigned by the organization. He/she makes presentations of various products to the prospective clients as per the scheduled appointments. He/she maintains professional, profitable and productive relationship with the customers and makes sure that the customer database has been updated with respect to the contact details and other relevant important information. He/she remains updated with the current product knowledge and actively participates in all the sales meetings, training and orientation programs needed for professional development. He/she stays abreast with the strategies designed by the competitors and implements innovative online marketing strategies, so as to achieve maximum sales and ensure better services and excellent customer satisfaction. Thus, the duties are varied in nature.

Essential Skills and Abilities

The internet sales representatives should have strong communication and interactive skills and should be totally customer centric. They should be passionate about sales and internet and should be able to use this medium effectively to sell the products and services of the organization. They should be able to identify new opportunities and be able to grab the potential and prospective customers in order to enhance the sales of the company. They should be able to guide and help the customers to make the best choice that suits their needs. They should remain updated with latest computer skills and should be well acquainted with the various internet based applications and social networking sites. They should be well organized and should be able to prioritize work as per the deadlines. Excellent presentation and negotiation skills and ability to manage multiple projects at a time with minimal supervision will definitely prove to be important aspects in getting selected for this position.

Educational Requirement

The basic educational criteria required to qualify for the post of an internet sales representative is that the person should have an educational background related to marketing, business, sales, etc. Even a bachelor's degree in business or an associate degree in some relevant field with a strong sales background will definitely be an advantage and will differentiate you from the rest of the applicants. The individuals having some previous retail experience, but without any educational background, may also be preferred by some employers.

Work Hours

The professional in this field needs to work really hard. Though the normal work hours are restricted to eight or nine hours per day, he/she may sometimes need to extend them as per the appointments, meetings, or training sessions that aid his/her professional development.

Salary Details

A survey done recently by suggests that the average salary that is offered to an internet sales representative is $60,000. It may, however, change according to the location, size, and type of the company as well as his/her previous skills and experience in that particular field.

Career Prospects

With the internet industry booming, a lot of people are often seen shopping and looking out for the products that are present online. Hence, it is obvious that the job opportunities for this position are bound to grow. The individuals who are updated with current techniques and have a successful track record of sales will surely rise to the higher managerial positions.

Therfore, if you are able to shoulder the internet sales representative responsibilities well, you can definitely be assured of giving a great start to your career ahead.

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