Secretary Job Description

The secretary is the person who is responsible for the smooth functioning of the office. They handle all the office jobs. However, their job may vary from company to company. They hold a lot of responsibilities. The secretary job description will provide you with the correct information on this profession.

Though, there used to be a time when all the people in the management positions were given secretaries to handle their correspondence and many such other duties. Today, just one or two secretaries are enough to help the management. It is possible because of all the technological advances. The responsibilities column in the secretary job description has immensely reduced; thanks to technologies like e-mail, voice mail and office automation.

Most of the correspondence is done on e-mail, but still, many companies also correspond through letters. The secretaries manage all those letters and sort out the important ones. They also have to dispatch all the reports to whom those reports are marked. Most managers have many reports coming in from many departments; the secretaries sort the important ones and hand it to them.

The managers sometimes also have assistants. The secretaries will then have to coordinate with all the assistants instead of the managers. Secretaries have to be competent in using a computer and should know about the internal systems that are used as well.

In some organizations, secretaries are given many other duties as well. They are responsible for training new staff about office equipment. They are even responsible for the petty cash box that each office has. In many organizations, there are different levels of secretaries. The highest is an executive secretary. There are also administrative secretaries who handle administrative work. However, it takes time and a lot of experience to get to these positions. The secretary job description has changed a lot over the years, but a few things remain the same, to know them read the secretary job description.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Secretary

The secretaries are paid well in most places as they are the ones that do most of the work in an office. The education required for this position is also not that much.

Education Required for the Position of a Secretary

Career Advancement

Secretaries advance to different level like administrative secretary and executive secretary. In theses position, there is more administrative work but the salaries are also quite good.

The secretary job description is quite versatile. They handle multiple duties and because of them, the workload of many people from the management reduces.

Following are some Secretary related job descriptions:

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