Service Engineer Job Description

The service engineer job description is to service the various machinery used in large industries. They are also known as field service engineers or even maintenance engineers. They analyze and service equipment machinery that is worn out.

Machinery is made of iron or other such particles. Wear and tear is just a part and parcel of its functioning. Though, there can be no way to stop it from happening, there are still ways with which deterioration can be reduced in the machine. Here step in the service engineers who service the machine completely.

Servicing consists of fully dismantling the machine and looking for damage in all the parts. They also check the functioning of the machine and whether it is giving the desired output. They replenish any fluids in the machine that are running low. They also overhaul the machine and oil all the parts, as it reduces friction thus reducing wear in the machine.

Now, one may think this job is very much like the job of a technician. Though, the basic things may sound the same, there is quite a difference in the service engineer job description. Technicians are adept at repair work but engineers are the ones who make modification in the machines. They also improve the overall performance and know about the machine in detail. They can also build further on the existing platform of the machine according to the requirement of the company.

Service engineers have to review each machine after a specific period of time, so they can find fault and rectify it so as to avoid any major problems in the future. They have to be well versed with the user manual. They also need to have all the latest equipment that can be used to repair the machine.

After they have worked upon a machine, they should make a detailed report on what changes have they made and when is the next time the machine has to be serviced. They have to order parts that need replacement in advance, so the work is not slowed down in the manufacturing unit. Any delay in work can cost the company a lot of money. Therefore, they have to service and repair the machines quickly. They also work in team and hence, it is possible for them to work faster. The service engineer job description will provide you with apt information if you are interested in this profession.

Service Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Service engineers are in demand as companies have woken up to the fact that having a good team of engineers on field reduces breakdowns and losses for the company. The education required to be a service engineer is expensive, but the main requirement to be a good engineer is one needs to genuinely like working with machines.


Career advancement

Service engineers get promoted to positions like team leads or departmental heads. They get a good salary with benefits and employment opportunities are galore. Therefore, they can switch to better paying jobs anytime.

The service engineer job description is to service all the machinery present in a manufacturing unit. Their work reduces the overall costs of the company and prolongs the life of expensive machinery.

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