Sous Chef Job Description

Now, this might be a profession you might have heard of recently. The word sous is a French word which means under, and a sous chef is the chef who works under a head chef of a restaurant. The head chef trains the sous chef to become head chef someday, till then they have work under them and learn the art of cooking. To know more about a sous chef, read the sous chef job description provided on our website.

The sous chef is the second in command to the head chef. If the head chef, due to some reason, cannot make it work, the sous chef then has to take over the kitchen and give orders to the other chefs. There are many other chefs in a kitchen, manning different stations, like one chef is in charge of the meat dishes, while the other could be the in charge of pastries. However, the sous chef has to know how to cook all of them.

The sous chef has the authority to pull up any chef who is slacking in their work. The sous chef only has to follow the orders of the head or executive chef. They also have to look after the staff and solve any personal conflicts arising in the kitchen. If any chef is absent in the kitchen, the sous chef has to take over their departments and cook the dishes through the day. The nature of a sous chef's job requires them to be versatile, and there is not a boring day at work. For more information, read the sous chef job description provided for you.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Sous Chef

Qualifications Required to Apply for the Post of Sous Chef

Extra Skills

Career Advancement

The main objective of a sous chef is to be a head chef.

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