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A Sous chef is a professional who holds the second senior position is the kitchen after the head chef. They are mainly responsible for the routine activities in the kitchen, which includes food production and preparation, and administering the entire kitchen staff.

Sous chef will usually work in an environment where there is commercial kitchen and are usually employed with casinos, cruise ships, restaurants, and hotels.

Sous chefs always have to report directly to the executive or head chef and assist him or her in managing kitchen operations. These professionals have to make sure that the entire kitchen is properly staffed,and monitor the kitchen workers.

Sous chef also have to make sure that they follow the standard operating procedures for food quality and ensuring that the kitchen is well complaint with different regulatory requirements for handling food, cleanliness, and sanitation.

This is a physical demanding job and it can stressful most of the times. Individuals who wish to pursue their career as a sous chef have to complete a high school diploma or any other equivalent degree.

Most of the employers would want candidates who have completed an apprenticeship program or a culinary program. In addition, hospitality industries would require someone with two years prior experience in staff supervision and kitchen operations.

Sous chef must know all kinds of cooking such as Italian, French, fusion or continental. They have to be good communicators and effective leaders.

Sous chef should know how to delegate tasks to their kitchen staff, pay attention to small things, take quick decisions even when under pressure and be patient with customers and staff. If you possess all these qualities, then you can start with the job hunt. Whenever you apply for a job remember to send a cover letter along with it.

Below you will find a sample sous chef cover letter that you can follow.

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Sous Chef Cover Letter Sample


Sidney Boone
4046 Briarhill Lane
Akron OH44304

January 1, 2011

David Keppler
Bon Appetite Restaurant
2506 Ashmor Drive
Wadena, MN56482

Dear Mr. Keppler,

Today, I take this opportunity in writing this application letter to apply for the position of Sous chef at Bon Appetite Restaurant, advertised in the Food Magazine earlier this week.

I am hardworking, enthusiastic, and creative chef with a true passion for food and vast experience of working in the restaurants across the globe. At the age of 17, I had travelled to Paris and since then I have understood that being in the kitchen, preparing delicious food for others, is something that I wish to do for the rest of my life.

After I completed my apprenticeship in 2004, I have had experience to work with numerous Australian restaurants before I moved to England, where I have worked for more than one year as a sous chef at one of the Italian Restaurants. I am highly efficient and it was this place where I learned to be productive for food prep, which was later commended by the chef de cuisine. I have had experience in pricing, ordering, managing, and handling staff roasters for large establishments.

Over the past years as a chef, I have gained professional experience in variety of restaurants and have culinary knowledge and training in different cuisines including seafood, modern Australian, and French food. I am highly skilled in putting my own stamp on creating new combinations of dishes, traditional dishes, and experimenting with some of the new flavors while considering that I cannot compromise with originality and freshness of the food that I make.

I am good at following orders and can work individually or in a team, but I can step up, take charge, and delegate work whenever required. I am sure that my exceptional culinary skills, absolute passion, and positive outlook for this industry will make me the ideal sous chef for Bon Appetite Restaurant.

I look forward to hear from you and discuss my availability for this position with you further.


Sidney Boone

Yours sincerely,

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This is how a Sous chef cover letter should be written.

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