Internet Specialist Responsibilities

There are millions of people using internet everyday; it may be for the purpose of business, finance, entertainment, shopping, etc. It has become an integral part of our daily lives. The individuals who are passionate about internet and have a thorough understanding of this field are definitely capable of handling the internet specialist responsibilities in an effective way. Their main function is to provide valuable assistance to the varying levels of difficulties raised by the internet users. They should be well aware of the latest developments happening in the internet technology and should be able to resolve any problems associated with it. Moreover, this is one of the fastest growing fields and has got many growth opportunities.

Key Responsibilities

The internet specialist is also sometimes referred as the web specialist. The internet specialist plays a key role in managing and developing the websites of the organization he/she is working for. He/she generally functions as per the instructions and guidance provided by the senior managerial personnel. He/she is responsible for overseeing the daily maintenance of the corporate and intranet sites. He/she implements different developmental plans and projects that will enhance the functioning of the web systems, its content and infrastructure. He/she makes efforts to optimize the accessibility of the site as well as its performance by doing search engine optimization. He/she tries to generate leads through various resources and constantly monitors the online traffic for further analysis. The following points given below will be able to throw more light on the most essential responsibilities and duties that need to be handled by this key professional:

  1. To be involved in development and maintenance of the organization's corporate, customer support sites, intranet sites, etc.
  2. To analyze, collect and report accurate data with respect to the utilization of the relevant website, its traffic, etc.
  3. To compile all the data and statistics related to the traffic by keeping a track of the usability statistics by making use of Google Analytics or Web Trends
  4. To perform the website backups and manage the online assets, files, etc.
  5. To make sure that the structure of the site and its content have been optimized so as to confirm its visibility and ranking
  6. To develop and manage the Google Adwords, online banner advertising and to integrate the online marketing as well as the advertising campaigns in coordination with the sales department

The internet specialist may be required to perform some additional assigned duties as per the requirement. He/she may need to produce web demos, make presentations, etc. He/she needs to troubleshoot the problems related with the organization's sites. He/she is responsible for testing and evaluating the performance of various websites and works to ensure that quality standards are maintained. For example, he/she may check if there are any broken links, or page not found kind of errors.

This professional may provide assistance to the user who is not able to get the organization's website on their computer. He/she may work on new websites and test the new web applications as well. He/she is responsible for communicating the hardware and software issues that may be creating a problem for the website. He/she is involved in designing, building and developing the site by using scripting languages, management and content creation tools, etc. He/she identifies as well maintains the links from and to other websites and makes sure that these are functioning properly.

This professional basically needs to work in a team that comprises of web developers, web designers, content managers, etc. He/she updates the websites regularly, maintains detailed description of the specifications of the website like the programming languages, operating systems, etc. He/she develops contents or instructs others to produce it, identifies the issues that are normally not visible in testing routines, but are provided through the feedback generated by the users and tries to resolve them. He/she responds to the mails received, develops strategies for the websites, develops website maps, etc., and works to increase the traffic of the site. He/she maintains backup of files so that it can be retrieved in case of emergencies and ensures that websites remain secured. He/she creates web prototypes and models, installs and configures HTTP servers and the other associated operating systems and documents all the technical details. These are the general duties and may differ a little from one organization to another.

Essential Skills and Abilities

The internet specialist should possess exceptional communication and organization skills. He/she should have the ability to manage multiple projects at a time and should be comfortable to work in a fast paced work environment wherein the deadlines need to be met. The most current and indepth knowledge of internet, local and wide area network, protocols, connectivity, database application, etc., would prove to be a major plus points. Good analytical and problem solving skills, excellent customer orientation, ability to deal in a pressure situation, ability to work in a team environment, etc., are some of the other required skills to be successful in this field. Staying updated with the latest technological advancements and improvements will surely prove to be an asset.

Educational Requirement

The educational requirements are solely dependent on the employer. Some employers may prefer to hire those with a high school diploma or some certification in the relevant field. Some may be keen to recruit only those candidates who have completed a bachelor's or master's degree in the relevant field. Some may get trained on various concepts, terminologies, etc., while working and then become well acquainted with the computer networking and programming.

Working Schedule

This professional should be flexible to work at any given time. He/she must be ready to work and give twenty four hour service without any holiday. To make sure that the services are made available at all times, he/she is required to work in shifts and may need to handle on call emergencies.

Salary Details

As per the latest updates, the average remuneration offered for this professional is in the range of $58,000. This salary may, however, differ depending on the location, degree, employer and the previous work experience of that individual in a similar role.

Career Prospects

The number of users using internet is growing at an alarming rate. There are many job opportunities available for this professional. The recruitment of these professionals is expected to increase by about thirteen percent in the coming four to five years. Those who are well updated with the current changes and are able to deliver services that support the customer and business needs will surely be promoted to higher positions.

Thus, if you want your career graph to rise higher, then you must be able to handle the internet specialist responsibilities in an efficient and professional manner.

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