Staff Accountant Job Description

If you have a liking for numbers, then you should consider this job. The staff accountant is the accountant that is hired within an organization and woks for the company and not an outside agency. The accountant is in charge of the all the accounts of the company. They have to maintain the daily transactions of the company. To know more, read the staff accountant job description provided for you.

The staff accountant is the in house accountant of the company. Many companies hire outside agencies for maintaining their yearly accounts. Hiring an outside agency is required by the shareholders to make sure there is no manipulation of the accounts. However, to maintain the daily transactions, companies need to have a separate department of accounts. If they cannot have a separate department, they need to have at least one person in charge of the books.

The accountant has to know all the accounting systems of the company and has to strictly adhere to all the accounting standards. They have to look after the budgets of each department and prepare reports for the management. Even though, the balancing of the books is done by other agencies at the year end, the accountant has to work closely with them and help them solve any queries that might arise.

The staff accountant gets an opportunity to work closely with the management. Their suggestions for increasing profits and reducing costs are taken seriously by the management. They even play a part in making future business strategies for the company. The accountant draw a decent salary and with more experience they substantial pay raises. These are just a few of the duties and responsibilities of the staff accountant, for more information read the staff accountant job description provided.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Staff Accountant

Education Required for the post of a Staff Accountant

Extra Skills

Career Advancement

They get promoted to departmental heads and draw god salaries as they are on the company payroll.

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