Statistician Job Responsibilities

Statisticians are the mathematics freaks who deal with huge numbers and various surveys, decipher their meanings and importance, create new data and report from those figures, etc. The quantum of their responsibilities cannot be imagined unless one goes deeper into their job profiles. Statistician responsibilities are many and they are in various sectors.


The first and foremost thing that matters in each and every field is decision making, and for doing that you need to have a strong base of information and knowledge.

Duties of Statisticians

The responsibilities actually depend on the various job profiles and industries a statistician works in. The following will elaborate more on it.

Fields of Employment

Statisticians find employment in the following fields with different responsibilities and different job profiles:

There are many statistician responsibilities that vary with industries and job profiles, along with the seniority level, but the ones mentioned here are the general duties that they have to do by large.

It pays to know what your job has to offer before you actually settle down for one. Try and know about the different jobs that will give you opportunities to explore in the course of handling statistician responsibilities.

Here is the list of different types of statistician job responsibilities:

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