Support Job Responsibilities

Support professionals are people who provide assistance in the day to day work in an organization. It may be related to any field, education, technical, customer care, information technology, accounting, etc. Support professionals find employment in the administration departments as well. Nothing is possible without these people however big or small a company may be. The reason behind this is that executing a minimal yet crucial task like fixing the coffee machine or a door latch seems too small for the administration officer to take care of it, and that is where the support team comes into play.

Support Duties in Information Technology Field

Similarly in an information technology field, where everyone is just dabbling with different coding and programming stuff, if anything goes wrong with the workstations and operating systems it is the support group that helps you out and resumes the work.

Support Responsibilities in Administration Profiles

In some organization it is support members that greet the visitors visiting their offices for some purpose, or people who come to meet the authorities, answer the telephone inquiries, etc. They are also responsible for preparing events and meetings. For example, deciding the venue, arranging for transport, making the minutes of the meetings, arranging for stationary in workshops, procuring permission from the senior management through written letters or e-mails, etc.

You can also say that support responsibilities are similar to the event management team who take care of everything from lighting to providing good catering services. It is also their responsibility to inform everyone in the organization about the happenings and changes, officially. Thus they are required to have good communication skills, both verbal and written.

Support Responsibilities Educational Institutions

In educational institutions the support responsibilities include a wide array of things which sometimes coincide with the counselors' job. They are responsible for the amicable interaction between the student and teacher; they have to ensure there are no wavelength problems and other issues to assist in good personality development.

Here again the set of skills required for being in the support group are different. You will be responsible for being a friendly link between the teaching staff and student community. This may be on a large scale like in a university or in a small school too. Analyze the job demands and check if your personality suits the criteria well or not.

For example, you need to be a good listener and also have a sympathetic bent of mind to be able to relate to the issues of teenagers. We specify teenagers here specifically because they are neither kids nor full grown adults, but are the most enthusiastic and susceptible to hurt as well, thus greater is your responsibility as a support member to take care of them. At the same time while doing this they should not even feel that you are being a guardian to them.

When going out to find any job you should be aware of the working conditions and responsibilities you will have to handle on the daily basis. It is only then that you can be happy and find satisfaction in what you do. You are in a better position to negotiate the remuneration amount too in the interview. Thus, we are trying to provide as much information possible on the support responsibilities in different fields. Please find the categories under which we have segregated the support job profiles, on the side column of the page.

As the old saying goes, no job is more important or less important when it comes to doing it as a profession. So, good organizations realize this and value the support group a lot as they are the binding material between the management and the employees. We wish you all the best for your endeavors!

Here is the list of different types of support job responsibilities:

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