Assistant Principal Responsibilities

An assistant principal is generally the second ranked authorized person to carry on the duties of the principal of any educational institution in his absence. The assistant principal responsibilities include the overall administration of the school, maintaining the discipline of the school, supervision of teachers, students and their performance, etc. So if you are aspiring to become a principal you will need to demonstrate that you can shoulder the assistant principal responsibilities well.

Key Responsibilities of an Assistant Principal

Due to the increasing size of the schools, the duties and responsibilities of the assistant principal are not just limited to the clerical and daily routine activities. They perform a variety of other functions related to administration and supervision. Let us discuss in detail the key responsibilities of an assistant principal which are as under:

General supervision and co-ordination of all the auxiliary activities

In addition, he performs a variety of other functions which are as follows:

He develops and implements different kinds of programs related to school restructuring. He designs and creates innovative methods for the improvement of the curriculum. He can also design the code of conduct for the schools and make sure that everybody involved adheres by it. He also makes sure and manages the short term replacement of teachers.

Essential Skills Required for an Assistant Principal

Here are some core skills that can guarantee you success in your career as an assistant principal:

  1. Excellent communication ability to deal with a diverse population of students and staff members
  2. Should be able to demonstrate leadership skills especially when major shared decision making is required
  3. To follow the instructions and work in accordance as per the guidelines suggested
  4. Flexibility to accept the changes with demonstrated competency
  5. Drive to create, implement and innovate different procedures for enhancing the knowledge
  6. A strong background in computers and its application is definitely a plus

Educational Background for an Assistant Principal

Whenever you are applying for an assistant principal position you should at least have a master's degree. A proven track record of academic success as well as a minimum experience of two years in teaching is required. Additional experience in administration and a supervisory position will only add to your chances for getting selected for that particular job.

Work Schedule for Assistant Principal

The work hours for the assistant principal are same as that of the school hours. It does not normally extend beyond forty hours of work. He may need to work for extra long hours whenever there are extracurricular activities that are being held during the weekends.

Career Scope for an Assistant Principal

There is a huge scope for an assistant principal to be promoted to the post of a principal if he strives hard to perform and succeed in every assistant principal responsibilities.

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