Teaching Job Responsibilities

Teachers are the ones who show us the way as a guide at a gullible stage and when our minds are impressionable. Like a famous Awadhi couplet, from the great poet Kabira, describes the importance of a teacher comparing him with none other than God Himself: Whom do I greet first when both, Teacher and God are standing in front of me? Then he reasons, it is only for the teacher that I came to know about God, so I will greet my teacher first.

The teaching profession is probably amongst the oldest of professions and so is the necessity for a child's development as well as growth. Growth, not only in terms of the basic knowledge, but also for being in the competition.

With the globalization and ever spreading awareness and interest of what different fields can be taken up for their careers today's students have a mind of their own and they need proper channels to derive the correct information. Teachers are the reliable channels here.

The following will enumerate some of the teaching responsibilities that show the quantum of responsibilities that lie on their shoulders.

Personality Development

Teaching responsibilities are much more than just covering the syllabus in schools, setting and checking the question papers, etc. It stands especially true when it comes to teaching in school and colleges. It is a job of shaping the children's and youngsters' lives. Personality development, enhancing the inherent skills, motivating and building self confidence, instill leadership qualities, etc., should all be tapped and developed in the earlier stages of one's life.

Shapers of Future

Teachers are the ones who actually spend the major chunk of their time with the children, i.e. students, even more than parents. They get to see their social behavior and interaction with other people under different circumstances. This makes them the ideal person to shape the upbringing and give appropriate feedback to their parents.

Teaching Responsibilities

Talking just about the technical responsibilities of teachers, there are things like maintaining the attendance records, generating feedback for the parents and guardians, knowing the lessons well, make them interesting using aids, etc. But apart from these the responsibilities will also include some basic but very crucial factors, as mentioned below:

Teachers Responsibilities of Administration

Any employee working in an organization not owned by him has to perform some administrative duties and a teacher is that way not an exception. They are required to take up some responsibilities. Some of them are given here:

These were but a few of the many teaching responsibilities that the teachers are expected to handle. We, here, provide you information on different teaching responsibilities in various setups and job profiles. We have articles on each teacher job profiles categorized for your convenience.

Do find out what you are expected to do and how your performance as a teacher is evaluated if you are considering taking up a teaching job.

Here is the list of different types of teaching job responsibilities:

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