Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

The need for volunteers in an organization is fulfilled by volunteer coordinators; if you haven't heard of this profession, read the volunteer coordinator job description. It has complete information on this profession.

The non-profit organizations require a lot volunteers to organize their events such as fund raisers or telethons. At such events they raise a lot of money for the noble cause they believe in. However, for these events to be a success, they require the help of lots of volunteers. They cannot afford to pay money to the volunteers as they are non profits organizations. Hence, it is up to the volunteer coordinator to find people who are willing to work for free and believe in the cause.

Volunteer coordinators have to painstakingly find the volunteers, and send them to the organizations where they are handed some duties. The coordinators have to devise ways with which they can come in contact with people willing to help. They have to maintain a database of contacts of people on whom they can rely on and are sure of their help in the cause.

Firstly, the coordinators have to know all about the cause. They have to study the cause well and should be able to answer any queries people might have about it. They need to have literature about the cause which they can distribute amongst the people. They also have to provide their contact information so the interested people can call and volunteer themselves.

Volunteer coordinators also have to provide a little training to all the volunteers. They have to be present at the place where the event is taking place and have to assign duties to the volunteers. They also have to take on additional responsibilities, and help in organizing the whole event and not just the volunteers.

They should be good speakers and should have a friendly nature. They have to be friendly with all the volunteers and have to ensure that all of them get along well while working together. They can also gather funds on behalf of the organization, but they have to ensure that a receipt is issued to the donator.

Though, volunteer coordination is a job that is done in the spare time, a lot of effort and hard work is required to do it. Check out the volunteer coordinator job description to know the other ways they have to contribute.

Responsibilities handled by Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer coordinator is profession that does not pay. Sometimes, they can receive a nominal amount as thanks for their services, but mostly they work for free. They have stable jobs and do this work in their spare time. They contribute towards the betterment of society, and their reward is the wonderful feeling one gets when they help someone.

Education Required for Becoming a Volunteer Coordinator

Career Advancement

Volunteer coordinators can take up full time positions in the nonprofit organization they work for. In these positions, they may be entitled to get a salary.

Volunteer coordinator job description is to provide volunteers who are willing to help for a good cause in their spare time for free. Their hard work ensures that nonprofit organization's events become a hit and they are able to raise money for a good cause.

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