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A factory is the production facility. Here, a large number of people are employed for different positions. These employees specialize in different processes and work collectively to achieve the organizational goals. One very important person involved in the operations of a factory is the factory worker. Usually, a wide range of job duties are assigned to a factory worker. These duties differ depending on the worker's qualifications, experience, and skills.

A factory worker carries materials and equipment from one part of the factory to another. He also operates some machines and tools in the factory, and levels the fuel, chemicals, or any other material that is needed to keep the machine running. He puts the raw materials in the inlet and takes the finished product from the outlet to the storage or packaging staff.

A factory worker cleans the factory area and the machines and equipment installed there. He may assemble and disassemble machines, change defective parts, install new machines and equipment, and perform all other laborious tasks in the factory. Most of the time, a factory worker is required to be on his toes and juggle around the facility and follow instructions of various staff or perform a specific set of duties as per the job requirements.

Sometimes, a factory worker is required to perform tasks such as record maintenance, serve guests, deliver samples of finished products, and other duties as assigned by the authorities. Other times, he may be involved in specialized work such as assembling materials to prepare a finished product.

A detailed description about the factory worker responsibilities has been provided below for your reference. It will help you realize the significance of a person working in this position.

Factory Worker Responsibilities

Skills of a Factory Worker

As a factory worker, a person should:

Becoming a Factory Worker

There are no set educational requirements for the job of a factory worker. Individuals with a minimum of high school diploma and with little or no experience are eligible to apply for this job. Some organizations, however, prefer to recruit experienced individuals for highly technical profile for this position. A few organizations may also ask for individuals who have knowledge of computer applications apart from educational qualifications.

Career Scope for a Factory Worker

On an average, a factory worker can earn $35,000 annually. Other benefits and allowances may differ with job location, applicants experience/qualifications, performance, and company policies.

The factory worker responsibilities help you to assess the importance of this position. It also helps you to analyze your qualifications and decide if you can apply for this position.

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