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Character Letter of Recommendation

A character letter of recommendation also known as a character reference or a personal reference is a reference, usually positive, provided by any person who knows you and can vouch for your abilities and character. The purpose of such a letter is to provide you with a sort of a personal introduction in an academic or employment context. If you are seeking employment, the character letter of recommendation is submitted in addition to your resume. For the same purpose, it is provided as an alternative to or in addition to an employment letter of recommendation.

Many people can provide such a letter for you. Neighbors, personal acquaintances, relations of friends and acquaintances, business acquaintances, clients, customers, vendors and teachers / professors / academic advisors are among the most common providers of character letter of recommendation. If you belong to a volunteer organization or a social service organization, your group leaders can write such a letter for you. Although an employment letter of recommendation is most sought after, the character reference can come in handy if you are seeking a job for the first time. This letter is also useful if your employment history is less than perfect and you may not be able to get a good employment letter of recommendation or not be able to get one at all.

The content of a reference letter is usually written in three paragraphs. The first one states the capacity in which the person is writing the letter. The second paragraph is the main body of the letter that lists and elaborates your qualities with examples. The third paragraph is a summary of your qualities along with the actual statement of recommendation like for e.g. I therefore recommend.... etc.

The character reference given below will make things more clear:

To Whom It May Concern

It gives me great pleasure to write to you the character letter of recommendation for George Beckett, my neighbor and friend of 9 years. In this period I have had the pleasure of interacting with him on infinite number of occasions and can provide a cast iron guarantee for his noble behavior in all and especially in trying circumstances.

George is a cheerful person who takes everything in his stride and moves ahead. He has been a great friend who has helped me out with many things ever since I moved in to the neighborhood. He and his wife have done babysitting for our kids when we have had to go out at short notice. On a couple of occasions he has even straightened out our stubborn Doberman and given me tips on how to keep dogs disciplined - even our dogs are best friends! He has helped me on a number of occasions when my car has broken down or has had a puncture. The memory that really defines George in my mind is when he organized the protest meeting of 500 people in the neighborhood against a proposed commercial complex at the site of an existing garden and succeeded in getting the project canceled. This was when his organizing skills, he has learned as a start - from - scratch businessman, got the wide canvass that they really needed. Not for nothing has he risen from an ordinary mechanic to the owner of the largest automobile garage in town. He has a mind of his own and does not wait for instructions, he figures out things on his own.

From the bottom of my heart, I will recommend George for any task that demands precision and empathy along with a firm and just hand. In case of any queries feel absolutely free to contact me.



Edward Connolly

Getting a character reference written is not very difficult as long as you select the right person. It is an even better idea to sit with this acquaintance and explain in some detail the precise objective behind seeking such a letter. This will put things in the proper perspective and enable your acquaintance to mention only relevant details.

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