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Employment Letter of Recommendation

An employment letter of recommendation is required to be provided when you are switching jobs. This letter must contain your job profile in short and also the responsibilities you handled in the organization, which will help sketch your professional vignette. It should be taken from your immediate superior with whom you have worked closely and who knows you well enough to recommend you. Although it is generally difficult to ask your boss for a recommendation when you are leaving the job, this letter is quite essential and inevitable many a times. So, you have to apply all the tact that you possess for acquiring one.

A letter of recommendation helps you prove your credentials to the prospective employer. Usually, employers don't have enough time to check your previous employment record. Hence, they heavily rely on a recommendation letter. It can be one of the screening processes used by the employers while selecting the candidates. That is why you have to provide an impeccable recommendation; letter of recommendation aids you in this endeavor.

Here is a sample recommendation letter for your reference:

Date: 26/9/2011
Denzel Wood

Content Editor,
Veritable Software Inc.
908, Upper Lane,
Connecticut, CT, 32648
(846) 864-9621

Subject: Letter of recommendation for Kelly Brooks

To whomsoever it may concern,

I am writing this letter in the capacity of a content editor working at Veritable Software Inc., recommending to you Kelly Brooks, an employee working at our place under my supervision. She is a content writer who works in my team. We have been working together, since the last 3 years and she has never once given me a chance to complain, both for her work as well as for professionalism.

Writing is a profession in which no one can be immaculate, that too if the job demands so varied content during each working day along with pretty difficult targets to achieve. But Kelly can be said to be near perfect. Almost all her articles which I edit are error free; save some minor typographical errors. Moreover, she implements whatever suggestions I make in her subsequent work.. Additionally, I can say that after working as a content writer for so long a time, she is very ready to be a sub-editor. In fact, I was on the verge of recommending her name for a promotion when she told me that she is leaving.

Her integrity towards her work is unquestionable, as has been evident from her demeanor in the past few years. She has several times received the award of the 'employee of the month'. Not only in work, but her excellence in whatever she does can be seen in the relations she has developed with all the other employees in our organization. Kelly is the most loved and respected person here. She is a team player and she also helps new joinees settle down in the office without any obligation from our part. She is active in the field of social work as well. She is moved when she sees a poor orphan or for that matter any pitiable human being.

Having said all this, we all are really unhappy at the prospect of Kelly leaving our organization. On the other hand, I myself am hopeful that she would get still better opportunities in the future. I can assure you that you would be really lucky to have her at your place. She is the most well- rounded employee that you can find. Her professional excellence coupled with her good interpersonal skills makes the perfect blend for a team leader/ sub-editor. Hence, I highly recommend her to you to consider her for the position of subeditor or the like.

You can feel free to call me anytime if you want any confirmation about the candidate's reference.

Yours sincerely,


Denzel Wood

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