Authorization Letter to Sell Property

Authorization letter is an important type of written communication. You write an authorization letter when you want someone else to represent you and handle the official interactions with an organization or the individual on your behalf. The person who represents you gets the authority to apply for the documents, sign those documents and deal with the clients etc. in the meeting on your behalf. If your representative has your authorization letter, no one can take any objection to such a representation.

Authorization letter to sell the property has to be written with utmost care. You as the owner of the property assign the task of showing and selling it to the interested party to some trustworthy person and legally authorize that person to handle all the dealings with the concerned party. Since you as the owner of the property cannot deal with the potential buyer in person, the buyer needs to be assured about the transparency of the deal. The letter of authorization does the same.

When you write a letter to authorize someone as your agent to sell the property, you have to keep in mind that the letter should be short, drafted to the point, simple and precise. You have to mention the intent of the letter at the outset. The recipient will be interested to check the authenticity of your agent and so better you avoid any unnecessary details. You cannot use flowery language in a letter which is formal in the strictest sense of the term. The tone of the letter should be serious. You are not supposed to use complex sentences or jargons here. Remember, authorization letters are written to avoid confusions or controversies. Your letter should not lead to any confusion.

Here is one of the ideal formats to write an authorization letter to sell property.

James M. Holdings
146, Park Avenue
Queen's College Road
London- BBND 1ZZ
Contact No.: 8087437621

Sub: Authorization to sell property

I, the undersigned, hereinafter referred to as the owner of the property at sector no. 24/ 37, on the New College Road, hereby authorize Mr. William Franklin of FRANKLIN AND FRANKLIN REAL ESTATES as the REALTOR, to present and sell out the following property to the prospective buyers.

BUYER: Mr. Arnold Bell

SUBJECT PROPERTY: "Sweet Home", Sector No. 24/37, New College Road, London- SSBD 1LL

Taking into consideration the terms of this letter, I, the undersigned owner, give authorization to show the above mentioned property and give Realtor all the rights to sell out the same. The undersigned owner agrees to furnish the potential buyer with the merchantable title in accordance with the policy of title insurance along with the conveyance facility. This authorization will remain in effect from this date until the undersigned owner signs the letter of termination of the authorization.

In the event the Realtor deals with a purchaser with terms acceptable to the undersigned owner, or in case any sale is made, the owner agrees to pay 3% of the price which owner accepts. If the deal is fixed after the expiration of this authorization with the purchaser produced by the Realtor, the undersigned owner will be bound to pay the same fees to the Realtor.

- Signature
Date: 04/02/2011

This is how a letter of authorization to sell property should be drafted. There should be no scope foe ambiguity or confusion in this letter. You must put all the points in a crisp and simple language. However the use of formal language is a must.

You can pick out some of the sentences from this sample letter of authorization to sell the property. When you draft your own letter, the above format will certainly prove a great help.

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