Types of Authorization Letter & Writing Tips

An authorization letter means the written confirmation of a person's rank, authority, or ability to enter into a legally binding contract by taking a specific action, spending a specified sum, or delegating his/ her duties and powers. These type of letters cover a wide range of intentions and responsibilities. The letter is generally used to grant a trusted person the responsibility of a medical, legal, business, and personal aspect, so that the person can take important decisions on your behalf. A letter of authority grants permission to the addressee to carry out certain procedures, take responsibilities, and make decisions. Also, it can be given when one has to collect any legal document on behalf of someone.

While writing the letter of authorization, the most important thing to be mentioned is the period during which this letter will be valid. Make sure that the language used is formal and far from any confusions and ambiguity. Mentioning the legal name of the addressee makes sure that it is not misused. Stick to a legal language if needed and verify the content before you finalize it. Since the letter of authorization is written to authorize a person for some task or work, it should be serious and formal in nature and should be written with utmost care and concentration.

Go through the following points before writing an authorization letter so that you do not miss any important aspect.

  • Make your authorization letter as professional as possible. The intention of the letter should be clear and expressed thoroughly in the letter. The language of the letter should not be vague and there should be clear, simple and authentic details. The letter should not give rise to slightest of misunderstanding.
  • At the tie of addressing the letter, write the proper name. Never use any nick name. Mention the details like employee code or social security number of the person to whom the letter is addressed. This will make prevent the complications if any.
  • Include the time and date in the authorization letter in which you state clearly the time and date by which the addressed person is supposed to take charge. Also mention a date on which the assigned work should be complete. The date and time should be mentioned in words rather that numbers. This will prevent all the chances of any misunderstanding.
  • If in the authorization letter you have assigned some task, mention the ways and means to be used in completion of the task. The right of accessing specific files and folder in the system, using bank account, credit cards, everything should be mentioned clearly in an authorization letter.
  • A letter should be brief. It is a formal letter and should include only what is necessary. Avoid writing paragraphs when a single sentence is adequate enough. A long letter has a risk of the reader losing the link which can give birth to complications.
  • It should be written in a distinct business tone. The letter should contain the name of the being you want to authorize the task, the details of the task and details of the day and time on which the authorization terminates.
  • In case the period of authorization is not definite, specify the beginning date and state that this will be under effective state till further notification.
  • If there is any other types of letters like an agreement letter between the two parties, the details of that should be mentioned in the authorization letter with all the details.

An authorization letter is the most formally written letter. The writer must follow an acute legal language while drafting the letter. Since the letter grants an authority to some individual, the writer has to be clear and precise while writing the terms and conditions of granting the authority. Hence, follow the given tips and guidelines to draft an accurate letter and avoid further disputes, controversies, and complications.

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