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Charity begins at home but it should not end there. Most of us do charity in order to avail some relief in income tax. If you are making a charity be sure that the letter contains all the detailed information regarding the charity. If it is kind, mention the list of the items and if in cash, provide back details, the amount. Do not let the language of your letter convey the message as if you are obligating the organization by the charity. Do not forget that it is your need as well. If you are asking for the charity, make your letter impressive. Create the sense of need but not emergency. Be polite but do not plead the reader. Asking for charity is not unethical and immoral unless the purpose is honest.

"Charity is a virtue of the heart and not of hands" - Joseph Addision.

Though many of us do charity to save income tax, a letter of charity should be written in a clear language which is not confusing. If you wish to donate something but then do not know about the charity letter, here are some tips to help you.

You might need to write a charity letter if you are running an organization.

  • Select the charity you would like to donate to. Get to know what that organization accept for charity. For example, some organizations have car donation programs. Do your own researches of the organization before you decide to donate something. Get to know on what the donated money would be spent on.
  • If you are asking for charity as an organization, you should know the targeted group.
  • While drafting a letter state the purpose of your donation clearly. The language you use should be very clear and far away from any confusion. If as an organization you are asking for charity, state the purpose and the department in which the money would be involved.
  • If you are to do charity, make sure that whatever you give is usable and in a decent condition. Do not degrade your own image but donating some non useful thing.
  • If you are an organization asking for charity, be specific on what you want. Do not be vague. There is nothing to hesitate in asking something for a good cause.
  • Create a sense of urgency but do not give a feeling of crisis. Make the donor feel that he is needed but never give him a feeling that he has to save a sinking ship.
  • Use a language which is not dull and monotonous. Be authentic and let the person knows the need of the charity. As a person, when ever you do charity, remember that it is not only you. The organization to which you are doing charity to, can survive in your absence also. Do not be authoritative or dominating in your letter.
  • A charity letter should be completed with the signature. An authentic signature with the full name of all the people involved in doing charity should appear in the letter.

The dictionary meaning of the word charity is 'generous actions'. Be generous in giving and in taking. Both the ends need charity.

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