Credit Report Dispute Letter Template

Every individual gains more success in correcting his or her own credit than correcting that of the other representative. Here you can learn more on successfully arguing your point by challenging the credit file. The credit report dispute letter template is one good way if you have any confusion regarding how to write the letter.A dispute letter is a powerful tool but the most important thing is that you have to know how you shape the letter and send your disputes. You need to plan well so that your letter accomplish whatever you intend. This will help you get items removed from the credit report.

Before you write these templates for dispute letter, you have to keep some tips in mind:

This will ensure that you have made your case clear and complete.

An example for a credit report dispute letter template is given below:

Your Address:

To whom so ever it may concern,

With the reference to the inaccurate information in the report and the errors given in it (here mention your card number) which you have issued on (write down the date)

I kindly request you to change the following items of my credit report which has been misrepresented.

I am awaiting a positive reply from you and hoping that you look into the mentioned problem as soon as possible.

Also, as a support to the statement I have made early, I hereby attach some copies of the acknowledgments and also bank statements from the company of my credit card.

I request you make the necessary rectification at the earliest as possible time.

Yours sincerely,
- (Your signature)

Another template example is given below:

[Insert the address of the bureau]

Current address:
Social security number:
Date of birth:

To whom it may concern:

I have received a copy of my credit report and found out that the following items to be in an error. I have attached my credit report with this letter.

Item and account number:

Nature of dispute:
Item and account number:

By the provisions of the sections 1970 of Fair Credit and Reporting Act of 1970, I demand that these items should be deleted from the current and future credit reports. And I request you to forward me the names of any individuals or organizations you have contacted so that I may take a follow up directly from them.

I assume that 30 days is enough time for re-verifications of the entries.

Pursuant to section 611 (d) of the FCRA, please send a notifications that the above mentioned items have been deleted. Please send me an updated credit report to the address I have listed above. According to the Provision of 612 which states that there is no charge for this kind of notification.

Very respectfully,

Your name and signature.

However, if your attempts do not work out as you had wished, then you can put your side of dispute is included in the credit file. Put a statement on the file as soon as possible, but the better practice is you remove the negative information from the report. If you find the agency refuse or make the situation worse, find necessary proofs of the negative items you are disputing about. After this consider adding a statement to the file, after all this is your credit report.

This is how you can draft a credit report dispute letter template and help many consumers while lodging a complaint.

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