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Letter writing is an art. A letter on one topic can be written in different styles with the help of various formats. Writing a letter is a difficult task for some because of format used for writing. The letter has to have following parts. They are date, name and address of sender and receiver, salutation, main body and complimentary closure. When all these parts are combined together then you will get a well drafted letter. Writing as well as receiving a letter is always special. A Letter is a platform where you can express your innermost feelings in a straightforward manner.

Business letters and personal letters are two types of letters. For all official and formal situations, you write business letter whereas letters written to friends, relatives, acquaintances are personal letters. Both follow the same format only the difference lies in the language used for writing. In business letters, formal language is used and situations discussed are work related. In personal letters language is informal and you discuss personal and intimate topics.

The site will provide you with tips for writing different types of letters and various samples. Here you will get to read business as well personal letters. The samples will help you in drafting the letter you require in every possible manner. You can follow the format and make changes in the main body of the letter according to your needs.

Business Letter Writing

When an individual starts working in a professional environment, he needs to understand the various nuances of business letter writing. Business letter has to be brief and concise. The purpose of writing the letter should feature in the first paragraph. Give enough information about the main idea but be specific. Professionals do not have time to read lengthy letters. So keep the letters as short as possible. The business letter has to effectively convey the message to the reader. Here in this section of the site, you will get tips to write business letters, types of business letters and samples of business letter. Use the formats and modify the content as per your requirements.

Here is some information on how to write a good business letters with samples and templates. This section also gives some specific types of letters like business introduction and proposal letters.

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