Donation Letter in Memory of Someone

Making a donation in memory of the person who has died is good sign of humanity. And writing a donation letter in memory of someone is one of the most formal expressions of sympathy. These donations are charitable donations which are made in memory of a deceased. There are some who prefer to give help to charities in terms of money instead of giving flowers and gifts. There are charities that provide letters and cards as an acknowledgement of the donations.

However, you too can write a short note or a letter that explains your donation and your emotions towards the deceased.

This is almost reflexive to send a condolence or sympathy letter to the family. People instantly want to reach out to offer help and support and comfort in terms of money or something like donations.

Some tips and instructions you have to know while writing such type of donation letters.

  • First of all pick up a blank paper that can be folded inside a card. Write about the occasion in few words. For instance, you can explain in the letter that the person being a great commemorate will be always missed.

  • If you have chosen to honor the person's memory with a donation, explain it in the letter. You need not give the explanation in detail; just make sure that whatever you write the recipient must feel that the deceased person was really cared about.

  • If you think it is appropriate mention the amount of money donated. If you want the amount to be known or would like the donation to be used as a tax deduction, the charity can send you a receipt.

  • In your last paragraph say some few words such as you hope that your donation will be appreciated. Writing some personal lines that express your emotions and feelings and the reason why you choose the charity that you have donated.

Donation Letter in Memory of Someone

A sample to write a donation letter in memory of someone is given below:


(Your recipient's address)

Dear XXXX,

I would like to contribute (the amount) to your organization in the memory of my (name of the deceased person, you can also mention your relation with him or her). Please find the enclosed check made to the (name of the organization fund) and my credit card information is given below. The letter acknowledging my donation can be sent to the following address:




Zip code:

Payment information:

Payment type:
Visa Debit Card Amount: $ (insert the amount)
Name on the card:
Credit card number
Expiration date
Month: year
Signatures (give your signature and below it write your full name)

Thank you:

Condolence letters to a business associate upon the death of a loved is different from the sample letter mentioned above. Some instructions for writing these letters are:

  • Express your regret at the sad demise of the person but you should avoid using detail of the illness or the tragedy that occurred, or its consequences or how the incident occurred. For example you can use the phrase, "The news of (name of the deceased person)'s death came early this morning. I was overwhelmed with sadness." Or "We regret so much on the news of your wife's illness and death."

  • In the next paragraph, you can offer some specific praise. Such comments will help the reader to work through his own grief

  • Offer any help you can offer or the organization can provide but here you have to be specific

  • Mention any memorial you plan to make on behalf of the deceased which can be flowers, a book, or monetary donations in the letter. For example you can write, "Please accept our small donation to the art fund as a way of saying thank you for the services (name of the deceased person) had offered." Or "We have made a donation to the American Cancer Society in (name of deceased person). In some way, we want to add to his influence in the world".

  • To give a warmer touch to the letter, handwrite it. This will make the reader feel that you really cared about the deceased person.

The donation letter in memory of someone can be special a way to give hope to members of the grieved family at the time of mourning. This can be a thoughtful gesture to express how much the person meant to you or the company as a whole.

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