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Letter writing is an art and appealing for donation is indeed an art which very few can master. You must learn the technique of writing a donation letter that would get a positive response from the potential donors. Generally nonprofit organizations need to raise funds for many of their projects and seeking donations is the only way for them to do so. These organizations depend largely on the rich donors and sponsors in society for fund raising. For this, these nonprofit organizations have to write a donation letter. The more the effective and influential the letter, the better it is for the organization. It is a proven fact that nicely written donation letters have sought handsome donations for the concerned organizations.

We are here to tell you exactly how you should draft such a letter. This section can be called the alpha and the omega of the donation letters. We have discussed here the technique of writing an appealing and influential donation letter.

While drafting a donation letter, decide at the outset whom you want to address the letter to. The addressee can be a person responsible for the financial decisions of a particular charitable trust or organization. If you personally know the addressee, it helps you win a handsome donation for your cause.

Donation letter is a formal type of written communication and hence you have to stick to a particular format of letter writing. There is no scope for any irrelevant information which may dissuade the donor to donate for your cause.

In the beginning of a donation letter, a brief introduction of your nonprofit organization and the noble cause you are seeking donation for can be given. If the addressee donor has already donated for your cause in the past, you can mention how his/her donation proved a great help to the organization and how you would appreciate same kind of generosity from him/her this time as well.

Donation letter is a request for a certain amount; but remember, it is not a pleading and so you must learn to make a request gracefully. Your potential donor should be convinced that the amount he/she is going to donate for your cause will be used only for that particular cause. You should assure the recipient of the letter about the transparency of the economic transactions of your organization.

You should also mention when exactly you expect the donation amount to reach you. The more urgency you show, the quicker the positive response you are likely to receive. You must thank the potential donor in advance for his/her valuable time consumed in reading your letter.

There is a lot more to learn so far as writing a donation letter is concerned. According to some experts in the field of letter writing, a letter for donation can be a lengthy piece of writing as you are allowed to give information about the noble cause you are seeking donation for. However, some others say that a lengthy letter becomes a prosy reading for the reader. We have included in this section all sorts of donation letters; some long, some short. We are sure, by referring to these donation letters, you can adapt the technique of writing this type of letters.

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