How to Write an Excuse Letter?

An excuse letter is written to inform absence of a student from school. The letter has to clearly mention the reason of absence. This letter is an important document and should be drafted carefully. In the letter you have to mention the date of absence, reason and when the student will be joining the classes. In an office too, you have to write an excuse letter. The letter can be written after availing a leave or before taking a leave.

If you write this type of letter, it shows your professionalism. You understand the importance of time and you are ready to finish the pending work due to your absence. All these feeling can be expressed through an excuse letter. The letter has to be short and direct. The letter should specify the reason of absence in the very beginning. The tone used in the letter should be soft and polite.

Take a look at following points which will help you in drafting an excuse letter:

  • The letter has to be printed on good quality paper.
  • The letter has to begin with the date when you are going to submit the letter. You have to mention the addresses of sender and receiver on the left side of the paper.
  • The subject line can be inserted if the school has a specific format. The subject line has to be short and specific.
  • The main body of the letter should start with salutation to the addresser. The first paragraph of the letter should mention the reason of absence and date of absence. In this section you can mention that you are enclosing medical certificate if you took leave due to illness.
  • The letter should end with phrase like yours sincerely; thanking you followed by your name and signature.
  • The letter should be written in legible handwriting or typed with readable font size.
  • The letter has to be as short as possible. The letter should not have any errors.
  • The letter should be personally handed over to the authority in school or office.

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