Internship Recommendation Letter: Samples & Tips

Letter of recommendation is not always needed but that does not mean that you shouldn't have one. It is good to have a recommendation letter in hand especially if it is to do with your internship. Checking references is a final step prior to being hired or accepted in a school program. The internship letter of recommendation sample will help you write letters that stand out.

The internship letter is extremely important for college students to make a distinct presence in the market place. This may be the only and unique opportunity in a horde of candidates applying for the same job. Apart from your grades and academic achievements, many recruiters will look out for an extremely well written internship letter. It may be after looking at your internship letter, they may probably draw a conclusion to hear from you further.

Hence, a well written internship letter of recommendation should:

Samples of Internship Recommendation Letter

Get the gist of how to write the letter and write one of your own.

To whomever it may concern:

I believe (the candidate's name) deserves a strong consideration for internship program at (name of the place).

He/she has been a hardworking person, enthusiastic and active student. I have always seen him/her putting the best efforts into his/her work. He/she further has consistently produced a high standard of work and among the best students in his/ her class with excellent grades.

(Name of the candidate) has the ability to manage his/her time effectively and lead projects which were being completed on time. The best part of his/her projects was that all of them were of high standards and extremely well-thought and planned.

I am proud to say that (name of the candidate) would be the ideal candidate for the internship program. He/she will be productive and a trustworthy intern.

Yours truly,


(Your name)

Another sample for internship letter of recommendation is given below:

To whomever it may concern:

With pride and confidence, I am writing to you because (candidate's name) deserves a strong consideration for the internship program.

(Name of the candidate) is one of my students who I have noticed to have strong skill and potential of a good intern. The reason I am saying this is because she was able to do the task which I have given to her in time. I can say that she is hardworking, enthusiastic, and active and will never leave a job unfinished.

When it comes to her grades, one thing I can assure you that she has been outstanding in class. Her grades are simply excellent for both academic and non-academic activities. She was able to maintain good grades despite her busy activities outside the school and you can be assured that she is suitable for the internship.

(Name of the candidate) is one of the brightest students that I have ever known. I am proud of her and am confident enough to say that she is perfect for the intern. I highly recommend her name for this program.

Very truly yours,


(Your Name)

Faculty member

(Name of your university)

The internship letter of recommendation sample given below is a little different from the other two as there is a paragraph that tells about the person referring the candidate.

To whomever it may concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation because (name of the applicant) deserves a strong consideration for the news internship program.

I am a faculty advisor to the (name of the institute) university magazine and am also teaching reporting and editing courses. (Applicant's name) has been in the weekly's staff for the past six months and has moved up to the roles of increasing responsibility during this span of time. Most recently, he/she has been the serving campus editor who is in charge of coordinating the campus section, who assigns the stories and coaches a staff of reporters. He/she has also edited different sections in the college magazine and has supervised layouts and designs as well.

(Applicant's name) is not only a superior student editor but also possesses the skills of an emerging investigate journalist. He/she has won a lot of prices at state level as well as the national level for his/her article on "outsource food services." The article was to do with the economic detriment to the local business community.

He/she is one of the brightest and the best your journalists to come through our program in recent years. I am exceptionally proud of him/her. He/she truly deserves a worthwhile intern.

Thanks and Regards,


(Your full name)

(Your job title)

The above given internship letter of recommendation samples can give an outline as how to write these letters and make a huge contribution to the life of the concerned person which may be your student.

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