Reference Letter Format

The reference letter format that we have given below will clear any doubts that you might have about a reference letters. These letters are written to refer names of a people for a particular aspect.

There are many types of different reference letters. The most common are employment, business and character reference letter. We will also provide you with examples of these types of letters. They will all be written in their simplest format. These letters will help you if you are looking to understand and write a reference letter.

There are many uses of the reference letter. Like the business reference letter is used to inform others about good business opportunities. There is absolutely no cost involved in such a letter and it yields some good results. This letter shows how important and impactful a reference letter can be.

Next is the employment letter. This letter is given after one has left their existing job and is looking out for a new one. This letter helps with the job search. Therefore, we have also given a sample of this letter in the format it is supposed to be written.

The third most common type of letter is the character reference letter. A person's character is stated in this type of letter and this letter is mostly used in court. Below are sample reference letter formats of the two most common reference letter.

First Sample of Reference Letter Format

Theodore Mann
Key Solutions
526, Alleyway Rd.
Portland, Oregon, USA
(212) 525 1655

To whomsoever it may concern,

This letter is to refer Mr. Arnold Windham for the position of field engineer in your company. I have know Arnold as I have personally seen the level of expertise and professionalism he brings to the plate. Therefore, I am recommending his name because I know he will do well in any company he works in.

He started off in the company in the position of a junior engineer and within the year, he was promoted to the position of senior field engineer. He has been in that position for three years. I have had the opportunity of working closely with him and he is a great field engineer. He was the brains behind many successful company projects and also received praise from the management.

Unfortunately for the company, Arnold has to relocate. Therefore, he is in search of a good company to work in. Please do not let go of an opportunity of hiring such a good field engineer. He has a vast pool of expertise and that should be put to good use.

I am readily available for a reference call on the number that is provided above. I would be happy to talk about Arnold. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Theodore Mann

Second Sample Reference Letter Format

Kelly Jones
Karen Industries Inc.
63rd R&R Blvd.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

To whomsoever it may concern,

This is a referral letter for Ms. Gale Warren. She has been a treasured employee of our company, and with a heavy heart we are parting ways, as she has to move to another city after getting married. Therefore, I recommend that she gets a job in the position of senior clerk in your company.

Ms. Warren has had an immaculate record. She is a beloved employee here at Karen Industries. She has been in this company for the seven years and has been a loyal employee. She first started out just as a receptionist, but she was excellent in all work handed to her. The management decided to train her as a clerk. She did well in that too and joined as a junior clerk. A year later, she was promoted to senior clerk.

I am confident that Ms. Warren would be just as efficient and progressive in your organization. Therefore, seriously consider her for this position. I am sure that she will clear all the interview procedure you will have. Please do call me for reference on the number that is provided. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Kelly Jones

The reference letter format given above are about job references. There are other formats as well and examples for them can be found in our website.

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