Letter of Introduction for Yourself - Sample & Writing Tips

Introducing yourself is very important in business communications. This will indicate whether you have the business acumen along with your writing skills. This is one point which people tend to overlook while submitting this type of document. A formal type of letter is something required for professional correspondence, business letter. There are some important guidelines you need to follow while you plan to write a formal letter to introduce yourself formally.

Most of the professional firms prefer a cover letter that serves the purpose of introducing the candidate. When you know how to introduce yourself this may come out easily. The only thing you need to do is research on the opening that you want to apply for. This will help you to garner some necessary attention.

By knowing how to introduce yourself, you are certainly going to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd in the letter.

Formal letter as the name suggests should have a formal tone and should be used for business purpose. Here you need to convey messages to people who in most cases you do not know personally. This makes the formal letter different from most causal or informal letters.

The correct format of writing a formal letter is that it should follow certain rules and one such rule is that the letter should be short and concise.

Some tips you need to know to formally introducing yourself are listed below:

Introducing yourself can help you create a very good first impression. You should summarize all of your excellent qualities on one sheet of the paper. This is no doubt one of most admirable skill. People who can do this and frame the words in a nice way are in great demand. But there are things that you can do if necessary.

For job opening, an introductory letter always works out best to lead into the accompanying resume. This is almost similar to a formal introduction between two people who do not know each other. This will also make the human resource to scan your resume to get more information.

A Sample of a Letter of Introduction for Yourself


Recipient's address

Dear XXXX,

It was a pleasure meeting you briefly last week (mention the occasion where you met the recipient). It was amazing as how small the world is, considering that we both graduated from the same institute. I suppose we were eventually destined to meet at that occasion.

I was fascinated by your contribution you made to your company, (mention the recipient the company name) over the past. Clearly your company has a rich and corporate heritage and tradition. At the same time, the company is blessed with continuum leaders of such foresight and imagination who has the courage to change the key points so that the company could remain competitive and continue to lead in the industry.

As I was mentioning, (insert your purpose of writing the letter and give some detail about your company). We have been in this business since (insert the number of years since your company has started).

After our chat in our last week's meeting, it occurred to me that we could (mention the reason and what can be done).

Please free to call me as (insert your contact detail number), so that we can discuss this further. If I don't hear from you by the end of next week I will follow up with you and see if we can set up a meeting at your convenience.

Yours truly,

- (Insert your name)
- (Your designation in your organization)

As you have seen in the above given introduce yourself formal letter sample, how you can show your great affinity for an applicant that possesses all these great qualities. Make sure you submit your document without any errors.

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