How to Write an Introduction Letter?

An introduction letter is written to introduce a company or a person to your friends and acquaintances. The letter should be written in such a manner that it appeals to the reader and a person feels like starting business relations with the introduced company or person. This type of letter should stress the good qualities, skills, and ethics of the person or company that you are introducing. The letter should use formal as it is a professional document. This sort of letter helps in strengthening professional business relations.

The letter has to be brief. The letter should be simple and to the point. The first paragraph of the letter should introduce the person or company to the recipient of the letter. The tone used should be soft and polite. This type of letter is an excellent way to market your company and yourself. This sort of letter is used for networking and creating contacts in business circles.

Here are some suggestions that will help you in writing a n introduction letter:

  • The letter should begin with introduction of the person or company. The products and services that your company offers have to be described in the beginning.
  • This letter should create awareness about the quality of the company's product and services and how the reader will benefit from those as it will save time as well as money.
  • The letter has to specify how the sender has received your contact. It should convey the name of the person who helped you in getting the contact.
  • The letter must have name and addresses of sender and receiver with date in the beginning. All these three things should be aligned to the left side of the paper
  • The salutation should be inserted in the letter before the main body of the letter. A word like "Dear" followed by recipient's name is a good way.
  • At the end, do let the reader know what he or she needs do. Give your contact details like phone number, email address that will help him in contacting you to work out a plan for business.
  • The letter has to end on a positive note. Make sure that the letter is closed with a complimentary closure. A phrase like thanking you, yours sincerely, etc should be used followed by the sender's name and signature.
  • The letter should be flawless as it helps in your brand building.
  • Proofread the letter thoroughly before printing it on company letter head.

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