Recommendation Letter for Job

Writing recommendations for a job can be for someone an honor and a privilege. This downright task can take a descent amount of time to write. Nevertheless, the job letter of recommendation sample can make your task a lot easier and simple. The letter can consist of a couple of paragraphs and give the person receiving it a general sense of your feelings towards the concerned person.

The letter of recommendations or reference letter is usually written to testify a person or occasionally this may be regarding a company's skills, achievements or character. This is a formal document and the letter should be written in a serious and business formal like style.

Reference letters are often used in variety of situation and the most common examples of such situations are:

Below is a example of recommendation letter for job that will give some idea as to how to write such letters.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Job (1)

To whom it may concern:

I highly recommend (candidate's name) as eligible candidate for employment. (Candidate's name) was employed by (previous company's name) as an (previous job designation) from the year (insert the years of employed in the previous company). He/she was highly responsible for the office support which includes word processing, scheduling appointments and also to create brochures, new letters and other office literature.

(Candidate's name) has a good communication skill and in addition to this he/she is extremely organized, reliable and also computer literate. He/she can work independently and is able to follow and ensure that the job once taken up will be completed. She is quite flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to him/her. (Candidate's name) was also quick to volunteer and assist in many areas of the companies operations.

(Candidate's name) would be a tremendous asset for your company and has the highest recommendations of mine. If there is any further questions and with regard to his/her background and qualifications, please feel free to contact me.


(Your name)
(Job title)
(Contact details)

A great tip that can be suggested if you feel blank while writing letters of recommendations is to imagine yourself in the position of the candidate's prospective employer or the panel reading the candidate academic applications. Questions such as what information they would need to know the applicant, what qualities they are looking in the candidate. Needless, to tell you, never lie or mislead in the letter of recommendations. Make sure that you focus on the areas which will give the recipient the most useful information about the candidate.

Letter of recommendation can also be requested by an employer during the application process. This letter may be written by you as an employer or for a potential employer. Another sample letter for job recommendations is given below:

Sample Recommendation Letter for Job (2)

To whom it may concern,

It is with great privilege I am writing this letter of recommendation of Martin McKinney. I have been the direct supervisor of Martin. I have found him extremely pleasant, generous person who is never to take up any task. He has been one of the dedicated employees.

Martin is self directed and independent person who can communicate well with others. He knows a couple of foreign languages such as Spanish, Scottish and Japanese that makes him a highly linguist person. During his ten year of tenure, he set an unprecedented record in the portfolio growth.

While he has an outstanding performer on his job but his friendly attitude has made him quite close to many of us. Martin is not only gifted in his job profile but is also a talented musician.

Although, we are deeply disappointed to lose him, I highly recommend him for employment with your organization. In addition to this he a good team player, a great person and an absolute financial genius.

Best regards.

Timothy butler
Timothy financial services

Always follow the right format of these letters. Here are some recommendation for what topics to address and where.

The above job letter of recommendation sample gives the necessary guidelines to write these letters.

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