Job Solicitation Letter

Job solicitation letter is used to apply in response to an advertisement of a job. You must study the organization to which you are going to apply for job. As it is a solicited letter of application, you should mention the job designation and its responsibilities. This type of letter provides clear and concise details that show how you came to know the job, how you are legible for the job, your qualification.

The solicited letter for a job also shows how you can contribute for the organization's development. You should remember to mention that you need that job and wish to come for an interview.

Also Check The Vital aspects that need to be included in a solicitation letter

Sample of Job Solicitation Letter

MR. Robert Carter
1335 Hampton Boulevard
Houston, TX 52336

March 15, 2005

Ms. Sarah Lopez
Manager of Human Resources
Atlantic Industries Corp.
Houston, TX 52326

Dear Ms. Sarah:

I would like to apply for the post of Project Manger in your renowned organization. I read the job description in Daily Business Jobs on Wednesday, March 12, 2005 published by Atlantic Industries Corp.

The position needs a candidate with at least three years experience in system analysis, end user documentation and system applications. As I was working on the position of system analyst for two years, I can effectively handle the responsibilities of Project Manager. The university courses have given me practical experience of computer programmer and system developer. This helped me to understand many complex operations of computer applications. I have also received a training of advanced applications in system analyst.

The position advertised for your organization seems to match my interest and qualification. I am sure that I can be a best candidate for the position. I am genuinely interested to work with Atlantic Industries Corp. on the advertised position.

Please accept my request for an interview in which we can discuss my qualifications. Please feel free to call me at 1111-2222.

Thanks to you for the consideration. I look forward hearing from you.


MR. Robert Carter

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