Solicitation Letter

Solicitation letters are necessary in fund raising campaigns, as they are written to attract people and organizations for their contribution to an event of campaign. Business programs, campaigns or events cannot happen without sponsorship or donation. Solicitation letters are used for fund raising and collecting donations for business programs. Hence, solicitation letters are directly written to the specific donors and supporters.

These letters are also called request letters for donations. The exact amount of donation must be motioned in the solicitation letter to help the readers for understanding their role in the success of the program.

A solicitation letter should contain some specific details to make the letter concise and clear in content. The major aspects that need to be included in a solicitation letter are:

  • The purpose solicitation letter
    Your must write the purpose of your writing the solicitation letter to a person or an organization. The reader is excited about the exact amount of donation. Hence, you must mention a reasonable amount which can be expected from he targeted donor. Solicitation letters can be written for financial support, volunteers, participation in a campaign or sponsorship.
  • The purpose of donation or request for help
    Your request for donation is always compared with the use of detonations. If your purpose of donation is worth to organize fundraising programs or campaigns donors can easily be convinced for donations. You can mention the details of your organization or association which is working for that noble cause. You can also mention the period for which your organization is working for it.
  • The use of the donations
    If you are requesting for financial assistance from the donors, you must mention in the solicitation letter that how that donation will be used. You can provide the detailed information about the proper use of money or how it can be utilized effectively. Emphasize the final results of your campaign in one-two paragraphs.
  • Mention the target of fundraising
    You can mention the target of fundraising to meet your purpose. Here, you must provide the exact amount of your goal (for example, $1.2 million) that can be compared to the individual donation. Therefore, the donors can understand how they can contribute a good share for the success of the campaign. You can also suggest the donors the expected amount from them to achieve the target amount. Explaining how one personís donation will help you and how it can benefit the people in need will help you to convince the donors for contributing more donations.
  • Details of donation forms and submission
    Provide clear and specific information about the donation forms and other documents is necessary to help the readers to complete the process of donation. Provide your contact information with the address where the donation can be submitted or sent.

Finally, you must show a positive approach to provide additional information about the program.

Types of Solicitation Letter :

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