Letter of Support for Grant

When you are writing a grant proposal letter for your organization, or school, you need to write a letter of support. This letter of support will help you in convincing the reader to approve your proposal.

You can mention how you will utilize that opportunity if your proposal is granted. Provide a brief background of your organization and its achievements. A partnership proposal should also be accompanied with a letter of support. You should mention how your partnership will help to accomplish a particular task.

A sample of a letter of support for a project is given below. This letter is written to support the partnership proposal sent by a school to another school for partnership for the success of a project.

Sample Letter of Support for Grants

Mr. Fredrick Woods
Florida High School,
542 North St.
Tallahassee, FL 32655-0123

Date: January 16, 2006

Dear Mr. Fredrick:

I am writing this letter to support Florida High School for initiating the project of Learning Language Skills for all high school students. I believe that this project will definitely create some remarkable changes in students. It will help the students to become aware of language skills and learn different languages for good careers.

The Florida High School has already done some great projects for improving the literacy rate and awareness about education among the children in our state. A recent survey has stated that most of the high school students lack language skills. This problem can be major hurdle for their bright future. Hence, it has become necessary for us to take some effective steps to solve these problems.

We would like to participate in this project in which students will be taught how to advance their language skills. It is an appreciating initiative taken by Florida High School. The project has been launched in some of the high schools in Tallahassee, and we have experience that students' interest has increased remarkably. The project includes seminars, live experiments and projects, poetry recitation and debate competitions. All these activities will cost a great amount and hard work. Hence, we must work together to make this noble project successful. Your financial support towards this project will be appreciated.

I offer my support to this project as a representative and principal of (School Name). Please call me at 55-44-6663 if you need my help for the project.


Your name

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