Loan Application Letter Format to Bank

A loan application letter is written to apply for a loan in bank or a financial institution. This application is written to get the money you require for personal use, building a house or buying a car. This sort of letter is used to give reason for the loan and the plan of utilizing it. This sort of application helps to project your needs and how after getting a loan that requirements can be satisfied.

The letter has to be short and concise. All the details have to be clearly mentioned in the letter. The letter has to be addressed to the authority that will be sanctioning your loan.

Loan Application Letter Sample

Laura Baker
100 North Tryon Street,
Charlotte, NC,
United States
(704) 386-4771

Daniel Martin
Manager- Credit Division
Yes Bank
800 South Mint Street,
Charlotte, NC,
United States
(704) 358-7407

Dear Mr. Martin:

As per our telephonic conversation, I am writing an application for the loan that I propose to take from your bank. I have been a loyal customer of your bank for last twenty years. I am planning to buy an apartment and I require a home loan from your bank. I have gone through terms and conditions for the home loan. I accept them all.

I require loan of $ 5000 from your bank. This amount will help me in buying as well as furnishing my apartment. I f you can sanction the loan, I will be obliged and will be in a position of buying the apartment that I have chosen. With your financial assistance, I can build my own home. I will be paying all the installments on time. I have a good credit history, so getting a loan will not be a problem as there are no issues of debts. I am enclosing photocopies of my salary slips, social security number card, house agreement and plan of the apartment with this letter for your perusal.

If you have any queries, you can contact me on phone at (704) 386-4771 or email me at I am waiting for a positive reply which will help me in fulfilling my wish of owning an apartment.

Yours sincerely

Laura Baker

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