Personal Reference Letter

The personal reference letter is written by a friend or an acquaintance. This letter could be for a recommendation for a job or it could be like a character reference letter. There is not set format for the letter but just a few basic rules that have to be followed.

Just like all letters, the grammar and spellings in the letter should be correct. The language in the letter should also be direct as if the speaker is talking with the reader face-to-face. These are just some of the rules that you have to keep in mind.

The character letter can be used to increase your chances in getting a job. You would be surprised that many employees like it if a candidate provides a good character reference letter. If you have the right qualification and plus, a character reference letter, then the chances of you getting the job certainly increase.

The personal reference letter is written out of will and is not a compulsion. It is also not written by your previous employer, instead, this letter is written by someone who knows you on a personal level and would like to help you out.

Since, they know you on a personal level, they can write about your good qualities really well. This letter is not at all difficult to write, and if you want to write it for a friend, read the two personal referral letters given below.

First Sample of a Personal Referral Letter

Harry Dempsey
662, Greenwich Rd.
Pasadena, California, USA
Phone no. (526) 635 7636
Cell no. (625) 636 6255

To whomsoever it may concern,

I have known Mr. Harold Stefan for a long time. We have been childhood friends and have even studied together. He has finished his bachelor's degree in communication with good grades. He also has three years experience in corporate communication. Therefore, I am recommending his name for the position of communication associate manager in your company.

Harold is a thorough professional. I can guarantee this fact as we both worked in the same company. He would never let his personal life affect his work. He finished all his duties in time and never was there any complaint from the management about the quality of his work.

Harold was popular with everyone in office and always helped out everyone with their work. He was also in good terms with the management and many times he acted as a liaison between the management and the employees. He is an excellent employee and had to unfortunately resign as he had to move to another city. Therefore, please to do give him an opportunity to prove himself to you. I am sure that he will to do well.

For the reference call, you can call me on my phone number or you can also call me on my cell phone no. on which I am available all the time.

Sincere Regards,

Harry Dempsey

Second Sample of Personal Reference Letter

Candice R. Bates
116, Rodeo Drive
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Phone no. (526) 625 6266
Cell no. (313) 525 5527

To whomsoever it may concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend Ms. Tabitha Holden for the position of assistant to managing director in your company. She held the same position in FTR Communications and did a great job.

Tabitha has been my friend for the past eleven years and we are extremely close. I know for a fact the she is extremely good in her job. She worked in Blaze Software and I am friends with many of her colleagues. They all have said only good things about her and her work.

She started off as a simple assistant but owing to her great performance, she was immediately promoted to the position of assistant to the managing director. Even the managing director was happy with her work and she received a good salary hike in the appraisals.

She is well-organized and has a fantastic memory. This has really helped her a lot in her job. She has technical knowledge as well. She likes to know about the company she is working in. These are just a few of her qualities. Give her an interview opportunity and I am sure that you will find her perfect for the job.

Sincere Regards,

Candice R. Bates

The personal reference letter has to be attached with the resume and cover letter when you are applying for the job. This letter will make the whole application package complete.

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