Professional Reference Letter

The professional reference letter is written for confirmation of one's employment in an organization. The confirmation could be required for various reasons. Sometimes, while applying for a loan, this letter is asked by the bank. This letter is used as proof of employment. This letter is quite common and many companies have their own set format for such a type of letter.

This letter is written by the immediate head or an officer from the human resources department. In the letter, they will confirm that such and such person has been working in the company. They also have to mention the time period from when the employee has been working with them. This is the basic information that has to be present in the letter. Information other than this is written only if it is required.

The letter is know as professional reference letter, hence, the language in the letter has to be professional. It should only talk about the employee and their performance in the office. The letter should be be straightforward.

This letter is also used to when an employee is relocating to another city and needs a job there. The letter is then used by the employee as a means to find a good job. This letter is quite useful as it is written by your previous employer. To understand these it better, read the two professional reference letters.

First Sample of Professional Reference Letter

Janice Walters
Human Resources
Carmen Corp.
535, High Rise Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, USA
(424) 535 2662

To whomsoever it may concern,

Mr. Paul Rudd has been a good and faithful employee of our company, Carmen Corp. He held the position of office manager in our company. He managed the whole office really well and it is our loss that he has had to relocate to another city.

I am referring him for the same position of office manager in your company. I am confident that he will do a good job. The great quality is that he has great people skills, despite being a manager, he treated everyone equally and this made him quite popular with everyone. Each employee approached him for any problem and he did his best to help them. This ensured a great working environment and high productivity.

Paul had been employed with us from August 15, 2009 to June 30, 2011. He started off in the position of assistant manager, but was soon promoted to the position of manager within a year. He is the right person for the manager job and I have no hesitation in recommending his name.

Everyone from the office has wished him well and he would be a great addition to your office. Please do call on the number given for a reference call about Mr. Paul Rudd. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Janice Walters

Second Sample of a Professional Reference Letter

John Marine
Senior Manager
TRS Technologies Ltd.
62nd Alley Drive
Fresno, California, USA
(524) 524 6252

Jessica Weathers
Human Resources
RSN Technologies Ltd.
626, Carter Drive
Miami, Florida, USA

Dear Ms. Weathers,

This letter is to refer Mr. Jacob Green for the position of test engineer in your company. Mr Green has been an able engineer in our company for the last three years and done an exceedingly good job. Unfortunately, he has to move Miami to take care of his ailing parents. Therefore, I am recommending his name for a test engineer position in your company.

Mr Green has an excellent record in his profession and he has done a great job in the company. Both our companies have shared a good relation and have worked together on many projects. Hence, I immediately thought of your company. Both our companies are similar in their work and hence, please do consider Mr Green for the position of test engineer.

His seniors have rated him highly and all his performance appraisals have been excellent. He is a good team player. He has good attention for details and this is the main quality that made him a good test engineer. You can directly contact me to speak further on this opportunity for Mr. Green. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

John Marine

The professional reference letter is a way for employers to help out the employees who are leaving the company. By giving them a good reference letter, they are doing a good thing, irrespective of the conditions the employee has resigned.

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