Reference Letter for a Friend

There is no iron clad format that one has to follow by writing this letter. This letter should be written from the heart. What all that has to be mentioned in the letter depends on the why your friend requires it. Like the in the case that your friends want to use this letter ton present it to a potential employer, then in the letter , you should highlight your friends qualities that would be useful for the job. In a reference letter about character, you should write about characteristics that make your friend a good citizen and a good person.

One has to ensure that all the points that are stated in the letter are factual. They should check out in case anyone tries to verify them. The letter should not be too long but one can elaborate on the good qualities of the friend. However, do not go over board or the letter will seem insincere. Below are two example of reference letter for a friend. They will help you understand the topic more.

First Sample of Reference Letter for a Friend

Leonard Cooper
535, Lexington Avenue
Portland, Oregon, USA
(323) 636 6261

To whomsoever it may concern,

I am happy to write this reference letter from my good friend Mr. Frederick Collins. He has been my friend for the past nine years. We were both in the same high school and have remained friends ever since. Frederick is a good accountant and I have no doubts that he would make a great accountant for your company.

In high school, his grades in math and statistics were always the best. He knew from the beginning that he wanted to be an accountant and enrolled for an accounting degree after high school. He was previously employed Cold Steels for five years. He had a great reputation over there for the good quality of work he did.

He is now is search of another good company where he can grow and do a good job. He is a good and dedicated accountant. He also helped me out with the accounts of my small trucking business. He helped me reduce costs and helped with improving the finances.

Frederick has a great character. He is married and has two beautiful children. He is a complete family man with god ethics. He would be the right choice for your company. I am more than happy to speak about him over the phone. Therefore, please do call on the phone number that has been provided above. Thank you.

Sincere regards,

Second Sample of Reference Letter for a Friend

Wendy Rodriguez
416, Green Park Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
(635) 552 8626

Jerome Kramer
Human Resources
THL Supplies
738, Carter Road

Dear Mr. Kramer,

I am writing this letter to refer Mr. Kevin Diaz for the position supplies manager in our office located. I heard that Mr. Lionel retired this month and the position of the supplies manager opened up. He would be the perfect candidate for the job as he is currently working in the same position in another company.

I have known Kevin for the past six years and we have been good friends since then. I can confidently vouch for him as he is an excellent. He is currently working in JTR Supplies. He started off in a junior position and quickly rose through the ranks to the position of manager. He is good at his job. When I mentioned to him about the opening, he requested me to put in a word for him as he is interested in working in our company.

He is a good person and employee and will be perfect for our company. I can talk about him person to you or can call me on the office extension as well. Thank you.

Sincere regards,

Wendy Rodriguez

The reference letter for a friend should not be too formal, even if it is being written for a job opportunity. These letters are effective, especially if you are referring your friend for a job in your company.

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