Retirement Letters

A retirement is written to express your gratitude towards everyone in your company at the time of your retirement. After retirement, you are free to spend your rest of life with your family and that makes you happy, but you also feel bad for losing your co-workers. A letter of support is the best way to express how you enjoyed your work. You can write some of your good experiences while working in that company.

You must write this letter in a polite tone because it shows how much you respect your colleagues. Appreciating someone specially will give a personal touch to the letter, and it also shows your friendly nature with your co-workers. Therefore, you must consider all these important aspects while writing a retirement letter.

Tips for writing effective retirement letters:

An impressive retirement letter must be written in proper standard format. Many employees face the problem of where to start a letter and where to end. Generally, they are confused to decide what aspects should be written at the beginning and how the letter should be concluded. Here are some of the important guidelines for writing an effective retirement letter:

  • First, you must understand that a retirement letter is written to farewell your colleagues, so you should not think about bad experiences, incidents or any person with whom you didn't have good relationship. Your letter should have only good experiences and your good feeling for other.
  • Remember to express your gratitude towards everyone who helped you during your tenure in company. You may want to thank your supervisors for solving your problems and juniors for their cooperation for achieving your target. Use polite tone while writing about anyone because leaving with bad feelings will make them feel insulted by you.
  • Be careful to inform your employer about your departure before around one month. Generally, most of the organizations appreciate employees who inform their departure before six weeks. You must submit your retirement letter to Human Resource department properly.
  • You can also mention any fun or puns from past of your office life. This will add the letter a friendly tone.

Formation a Letter of Retirement

Retirement letters should be written standard format of business letters. Generally, good retirement letters are written considering the following aspects regarding main body of letter. These aspects are:

  • Explain the purpose of writing the letter in first paragraph of your retirement letter and the expected date of your retirement.
  • In second paragraph, write about your experience as an employee while working in the company. You can mention what you have learned or gained from this experience. You may appreciate the company for this wonderful experience.
  • Next paragraph should contain your gratitude towards your supervisors for helping you in achieving high positions in company.
  • The final section of the letter should express your thanks to everyone in company-your supervisors, co=workers, juniors and staff of other departments.

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