Sales Letter

The main purpose of writing a sales letter is to sell the product or service of a company. The sales letter is nothing but a sort of an advertisement of a product. This letter helps to create awareness about the positive attributes of the product within the customers. It is a document that is used for generating sales.

This type of letter is used to persuade the customer to request additional information about the product, place an order, and ask for a demonstration from the Sales Executive.

The tone of the letter should be positive and reader friendly. The letter should be directly addressed to the customer. You can write the letter in such a fashion as if you are writing to a friend. You have to persuade the reader by taking him in confidence. The letter should not take the customer for granted.

Before writing a sales letter, you have to thoroughly research the customer's needs and requirements. You should have complete knowledge of the product or service that you are providing. Get as much information about the product as possible from sources like the internet, books, brochures, company literature, etc.

The letter should begin with the details of product that you are selling. In a paragraph or two, you can mention how the product will help the customer. List out the benefits of the product for the customer. The letter has to make an impact on the reader in the beginning itself.

In the middle part of the letter, you can discuss the various specifications of the product. Take a look at this example- if you are selling a new line of LCD television then you need have to specify the availability of different sizes of the screen. If you are selling a holiday package then you have to give details about the duration, how the package can be customized, etc. If there are any offers in the market, you can information about those. Use all your skills in persuading and convincing the customer. Always make sure that you include the brochure, literature about the product with letter. In the body of the letter, you have to mention that. You can use a sentence like" With the letter, I am enclosing.. .

In the end of the letter i.e. at the closing you want the customer to take an action. You specifically give out your contact details which will help the customer in placing an order, or asking Sales Executive for a demonstration. You need to end the letter on a positive note. You inform the customer that you are ready to help and give information if an opportunity is provided.

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