Complaint Letter for Bad Service Sample

Anyone can be at the receiving end of poor service. But what can be done in this matter, is not known by many. A simple complaint letter to the management of the product or service can be sufficient. to know about this type of letter, we will provide you with a sample complaint letter for bad service.

A complaint letter is a good way to express your disappointment at the bad product or service you have received, without creating any big hassles. In this corporate world, complaint letters are taken seriously by companies who care about their clientele.

The language to be used in this type of letter is simple. This letter is of official nature, so the language has to be formal. Firstly, mention the fact that how long you have been their customer; it helps if you have used for their services for a long time. Keep the length short, get straight to the point, and do not beat around the bush. Mention the incident in detail, so they can verify the facts. Also, keep the language polite and non-threatening.

If the management is serious about their reputation, you can be rest assured that your problem will be looked into immediately. Here is a sample complaint letter for bad service, that will help you better understand how go about writing a complaint letter.

Josh Hamilton
Store Manager

G Mart Pvt. Ltd.
863, Main Street,
1423, New York City, New York

Dear Mr. Hamilton

I have been a loyal customer of your stores for the past 5 years, I have time and again received great service at your mart which is one of the main reasons I shop at your store. But to my surprise, on the date of 23rd August, 2010, I was at the receiving end of some very poor service at your mart.

On the said date, I made the purchase of my weekly groceries, and headed towards the cash counter to pay for them. The person sitting at the counter, who was wearing the name tag of Jen, was talking on her cell phone. When I asked her to make the bill, she said she would do it in 5 minutes, and resumed her conversation on the phone. After a good 10 minutes, she started with her work and did it very slowly. The bill, apparently totaled upto more than I expected, so I asked her to recheck it. Instead, she talked to me very rudely, and told me that if I did not like the prices, I could take my business elsewhere.

I was appalled at such behavior, and have a good mind to take my business elsewhere as suggested. I hope you would look into the matter, and make sure such an incident is not repeated. Your company has been known to provide good services, and such events tarnish the company name, so please address this issue soon.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Sincere Regards,
Timothy Stark

We have provided you with a sample complaint letter for bad service. This letter is regarding poor service at a grocery store. This sample letter guides you on how a letter should be. A similar pattern can be used for other type of complaints.

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