Sample Discrimination Complaint Letter

Discrimination in the work place is a rising problem. It can be of many kinds, the most common being discrimination regarding gender, race, religion, age, etc. The discriminations occur on a daily basis, and take place in many companies. The victims are not given promotions or raises, or are not paid their deserving salary. They are also kept away from important projects. to tackle this problem, you can check out the sample discrimination complaint letter, and write a letter for your problem.

Many companies have particular forms for giving in complaints. First, these forms have to be filled, and submitted to Human Resources. If you are still not able to get through, then as a last resort, you can write a letter. Most companies have a set pattern for complaint letters, but if your company does not have one, you can follow the one we are providing.

The letter is of official nature, so the language has to be formal. The incidents that have made you feel discriminated against have to be mentioned. If there are too many such incidents, then just mention them briefly, but if only a small number of incidents are there, then you can mention in detail. Also mention the complaint numbers of the previous grievances filed with the HR department. Do not take any names in this kind of letter. You can also state a lit a bit of your feelings, but do not overdo it. You can issue a gentle warning, like that of seeking legal help, but carefully choose your words. Hopefully, this will be enough for your employers to take notice.

A complaint letter for discrimination is a serious matter. Discrimination in the workplace has become a nuisance. Though this problem can be faced by anyone, it is seen that women mostly face this problem. This sample discrimination complaint letter, we are giving you, is in the format of a woman complaining about discrimination regarding gender and age. The letter is addressed to the head of the HR, and it is more of an appeal for him to look into her problems. The letter also goes on to threaten legal action, but in a mild manner. Read on to get the gist of writing a good complaint letter.

Mr. Dennis Roberts
Manager, Human Resources,

Sundance Software
92785, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Dear Mr. Roberts,

I am woman aged 35, and have been an employee of Sundance Software for the past six years. I have a great track record for finishing targets on time, and maximum attendance. I feel that I have been discriminated against on the basis of my age and gender. Lesser experienced employees have been promoted over me, and most of them seem to be men. I have been in the same position for the past two years, and have seen my juniors get promote ahead of me. All the important projects seem to be given to the men, so they can be easily promoted. Having suffered for a long time, I am standing up for myself.

I am writing this letter to you as a last resort, as the previous complaints registered with the Human Resources department have fallen on deaf ears. Three complaints dated 3rd February, 2010, 4th March and 10th April all in the year 2010 were submitted by me. The form numbers of the complaints are L5432, L5455 and L5511. My time at the company has been a good one, but this discrimination has left a bad taste in my mouth. It is really frustrating if you are not appreciated by the company for whom you have worked so hard for.

When I joined this company, I was assured of equal opportunity, but so far, this assurance has not been fulfilled. I have invested a good six years of my life in this company, and I will fight for my dues. If this problem persists, I will be forced to hire a lawyer, and I am sure the company does not want to get the reputation of discrimination.

Discrimination in the workplace regarding sex and age is a serious offence. I hope this matter is solved soon, to the satisfaction of both parties.

I have heard of your reputation of being an honest person, so I have faith that you will certainly help me.

Sincere Regards,
Rebecca Thomas,
Sales Executive

We have given you a letter which deals with age and gender discrimination. The letter can be used for other problems as well, as it is unambiguous. Though, slightly on the lengthier side, the letter has detailed the problems faced, you can choose not to elaborate and get straight to the point.

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