Sample of Internship Letter from Company

As it must be known to you, there are different stages of employment in the organization. The first stage is on internship which moves on to the probation and then to the final stage of confirmation. In most of the organizations, the stages are pre determined and have a specific time period which can be either decreased or increased depending on the performance of the individual. The terms involved here are also referred to as the employment terms and they differ from one company to the other. These terms can be toughest for those being on internship than those who are confirmed.

The internship letter is the first employment letter one gets that is usually given to an employee only to confirm him or her as an intern. The letter is handed to the employee when he or she reports to the company on the first day. The contents of the letter are usually discussed and negotiated between the employer and the employee at the time of taking the decision prior to join.

Below is a sample internship letter from company. This will help you have some idea as to how to write such letters.

Name of the organization

Street City, state and zip code


Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Student name), This is to confirm that (Name of the organization) is offering (student's name) an internship position (Job title), beginning (Insert the start date) and ending (Insert the date when the internship will end). This employment will responsible to serve as a curricular practical training (CPT) which is associated with the academic program at the (name of the university) at (name of the place).

The location of the internship assignment will be (The address of the company). Your internship manger/ supervisor will be Mr. / Mrs. (the title department). You will be expected to work for (Insert the number of hours) and will receive $ (insert the amount) per hour. Your employment identification number is (Organization's EIN).

Your job responsibilities will include: (Insert the detail information on what the student will be doing and what will be his/her responsibilities).

On behalf of the company, I welcome you to (insert the organization).


Hiring manager or supervisor
(Job title)

Some points to know while writing internship letter:

Another sample of internship letter from a company is given below.

(Name and address of the employee)


Subject: Internship letter for the job post of (Insert the job title)

Dear Ms. / Mr. (Insert the name of the employee),

This is reference with the application for the post of (insert the job post) and the subsequent round of interviews that we have with you on (date when the interview took place).

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to join the organization as (name of the designation). The joining date we have decided for you is (insert the joining date). This is to clarify that as to the HR policy your internship with us is for 6 months after which your performance will be evaluated. The status in the organization will be reviewed by the superiors of the company once the evaluation is done.

The terms of the employment have been discussed with you and the details are enclosed herewith for further reference.

For further queries or clarification, you can call any of the HR department and they will be glad to assist you.

Please note that the offer holds for 2 weeks from the date of the letter and if you fail to join us by the then, the offer will not be valid.

We believe that we have a strong lasting professional relationship with you.

Best Regards,

(Name of the signing authority)

The sample internship letter from company mentioned above is a basic layout of such type of letters.

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