Thank You Letter

Thank you letters are used in different situations for acknowledging someone's assistance, job offer, help or donation. Most of the times, a thank you letter is written by an employee to the hiring employer for offering a job. Many hiring managers like these thank you letters from a new employee, and they appreciate these courtesies.

Thank you letters can be distinguished as interview thank you letter, meeting thank you letter, acceptance thank you letter or appreciation thank you letter. These thank you letters help to build good rapport with the receiver of the letter. If you are writing a job thank you letter, it should be written respectfully to delight the manager.

Thank You Letter Sample

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Date: 30 September, 2000

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Dear XYZ,

Thank you for offering an opportunity for the Senior Programmer position in you organization, XYZ. I appreciate you reserving time out of your busy schedule for my interview. I am excited about this opportunity to work as a Senior Programmer in your well-known organization.

After presenting myself before you and other interviewers of the organization, I felt that this position would be a perfect platform to showcase my good performance.. The job position and responsibility seems to be of my interest, and I can improve my excellence in that area. I am confident that I will deliver my best with the help of quick learning ability and adaptability. MY friendly attitude with the coworkers of the company will keep me close to each member of the team. This will help us to be more productive.

I am very enthusiastic to work with you on the offered position. I look forward to have a word with you again, if you want to know additional information about me. I am always available to hear from you, so please feel free to let me know it.

Again, thanks very much for your time spent with me.



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