Thank You Letter for Acceptance

A thank you letter is written to thank some one who has accepted your offer. This letter is written to convey your happiness on the person's acceptance of an offer. This sort of letter is short and precise. You have to begin the letter in such a manner that the recipient has to clearly understand what the letter is about when he reads the first paragraph. The letter should be full of warmth and appreciation. In this sample letter, a teacher is tanking a manager who has accepted the offer of conducting a seminar in the school.

The seminar will deal with career options and will be useful for the students. The letter also focuses on how the manager's experience and skills will make an impact on the students in the school. The sample thank you uses a soft and polite tone to welcome the manager for the seminar in a school. This letter is a good gesture and will help in creating good will about the school.

Sample of Thank You Letter for Acceptance

Edward Robinson
Middleton High School
7 Arthur Road
New York, NY 10021


Mrs. Barbara Nelson
Greenfly Corp., Inc.
1010 Harley Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Dear Mrs. Barbara:

I am extremely happy to see that you have accepted our offer for delivering a seminar about career management and new avenues for career in our school. I appreciate your acceptance of this offer and taking tie from your busy schedule. I will meet you on Monday, 12 February, 9.30 a.m. at your office to discuss program details.

It will be an important seminar for the students who are going to find different career paths after their education. As of now, you are working in a renowned organization on the manager's position. Hence, your experience and knowledge will definitely help the students in successful planning of their career. Our students are excited to learn lessons from you before they start their professional life where they will have to go through many competitions. Your valuable guidance will definitely help them to become successful in these situations.

I am sure that we will be able to arrange all the facilities to make this seminar successful. We will try to encourage more students to participate in this seminar, and make this program a remarkable event for both of us.

Again, thanks to you for accepting the invitation. Please feel free to call me if you want additional information about the program.

Edward Robinson

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