Mortgage Resume

Mortgage Resume Tips

A mortgage resume must present information quickly, clearly, and in a way that makes your experience relevant to the position in consideration. That means condensing your information to its most powerful form.

Mortgage Resume Template

Contact Information :
  1. Full name
  2. Campus and permanent addresses
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address

Objective :

Create a brief headline in your mortgage resume that encapsulates your career goal and one or two of your top qualifications. For example:

'Fast, accurate and courteous with three years of experience in a large retail setting. Friendly and professional when dealing with the public; maintain composure during fast-paced, sometimes hectic situations. Frequently praised by supervisor for excellent work performance'.

Summary :

Present your value proposition in your mortgage resume that is a narrative statement of the main reasons you should be called for an interview.

Education : List your highest degree first.

List education, training and licensure as well as academic honors, scholarships and extracurricular activities. New graduates should place the Education section before the Experience section.

  1. Name of institution, city and state
  2. Degree, major and year awarded
  3. GPA (optional)

Skills :

Include the specific keywords pertinent to your profession. For example: Cash Register Operations, Money Handling, 10-Key Adding Machines, Basic Math, Customer Service, Bilingual English-Spanish, and computer skill-set like Microsoft Word/Outlook etc.

Experience : List the most recent experience first.

Emphasize on your achievements and contributions in your employment history. For example: 'Regarded as one of the fastest cashiers in the store, quickly and accurately processing orders at checkout while developing rapport with customers'.

Activities : Campus and community activities, memberships in professional organizations etc.

Personal : Certifications, security clearances, patents, special awards, citizenship etc.

Highlight your skills and characteristics in the resume :

Sample Mortgage Resume

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