Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Pharmaceutical sales representatives job is growing in the United States and other countries due to high demand of products in the healthcare market. So, whether you are planning to apply for an entry-level role or a senior position, you need to draft a pharmaceutical sales resume first. With almost every company's HR department being flooded by a hoard of applications, the pharmaceutical recruiters have become extremely choosy when it comes to recruiting staff for the company. As these professionals are always busy and skim through your selling tool, you must have a fine understanding of what to include in it. With the tips given below, you would be able to draft a perfect pharmaceutical sales resume like a pro and have an edge over your competitors.

Basic Contact Details

Irrespective of the position you are trying for, it is always good to mention your basic details right at the start of the document. Include your full name, permanent residential address, contact number and professional email id in the very first section. The recruiter will find it easy for conducting telephonic rounds, conveying a message or inviting you for a face-to-face interview.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Template

Career Summary:

If you are applying for an entry-level position, write a job objective statement highlighting the desired position and the relevant skills. However, for candidates who have considerable experience of working as a sales executive, it is advisable to go for a career summary and highlight major achievements and required skills. Ensure that summary is a short para giving an idea of your selling tool, and does not extend beyond 3-4 lines.

Show off your expertise

As you are trying to convince an employer that you are the most suitable candidate for the position, it is imperative to boast about your skills. Identify the desirable skills for this role, and highlight it in your resume. Including relevant skills like accountancy, customer service, and basic knowledge about the pharmaceutical drugs can assist in making an impression on the recruiter. Moreover, if you are doing a career transition and are just starting as a sales representative, you can throw light on the transferable skills. While creating your marketing tool, it is necessary to include qualities that would impress an employer. For instance, if you have a knack of persuading others and solid convincing skills with effective communication, the employer would never understand it unless you write it down in your resume.

Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Mention past work history

Similar to the customers, all employers have different needs. So, instead of filling the past work experience with monotonous points, go through the job description and then tailor your document accordingly. As you are targeting a sales position, include solid numbers that demonstrate your performance in work experience section. Having figures, percentage, and number of hospitals you have effectively established a tie-up with in your document not only attracts the recruiter's attention but also depicts quantifiable results of what you have done. Moreover, including keywords from the job description can strengthen your application as well as pique's the recruiter's interest in it.

Write about professional certifications/training

The pharmaceutical industries usually prefer candidates who have some background in sales or experience of working in a medical profile. If you are just a novice in pharmaceutical sales industry, mentioning professional course that you have recently completed can add weight to your application. Moreover, you can also include training or relevant marketing courses to demonstrate your preparedness for the role. Also, mention the class or list of seminars that have pumped you up for the role and can aid in translating the knowledge in the professional world.

Include educational qualifications

In the bottom section, it is advisable to mention your educational information as every employer is interested in it. While writing about academics, it is not expected to give all the details. Just mention your highest degree, the university you have obtained it from and the year of completion. Writing GPA is completely optional and you can decide it on the basis of employer's job description.

A succinct resume is your gateway to the next job. Taking help of seniors or experienced professionals to review it will assist in identifying mistakes that you might not have noticed. It could make all the difference in securing the next job interview or end your document in a trash can. To avoid the same, refer to our pharmaceuticals resume samples.

Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

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