Accounts Payable Clerk Cover Letter

Any organization probably will not function in the same way without a clerk and especially the accounts payable clerk. Every organization has them and they have one of the biggest responsibilities in the establishment. They not only make the invoices but also maintain records for the salaries of the employees along with other financial records of the company. When applying for the job you can write your previous job description in the accounts payable clerk cover letter. The letter is written to persuade the employer for giving a chance to get interviewed. You can show your genuine interest in the letter.

For starting off with drafting the letter you need to know who the addressee is, his or her designation, the job description given out by that particular company, the source of information that told you of the vacancy and a computer to draft the letter. One page should be enough for the content of the letter. Proofread the letter and ensure you have written the letter in a persuasive manner to convince the employer.

It is advised to follow a format for writing this letter even though it is an informal one. Keep in mind that the accounts payable clerk cover letter accompanies your resume and that is why it has to written in a professional way.

Sender's Details


Addressee's Details


Body: The accounts payable clerk cover letter should talk about your personal interests in applying in the organization and enumerate the qualities that you have and think will impress the employer. You can also mention your plans to meet the employer or recruiter, as the case may be.

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Accounts Payable Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Raven Stephens
Hammering Housing Plans
Christopher Arena, Flat No. 804
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (321) 431 8879


Ronaldo Robinson
Recruiting Officer
Administrative Department
Washington International Banking Firm
Lane 34, Marriott Avenue

Mr. Robinson,

Re: Application for Accounts Payable Clerk

I write this letter as a response to the position of Accounts Payable Clerk in Washington International Banking Firm. I saw the notice for the said post's vacancy in the government employment newspaper, Your Government News on the 03/06/2011. I have six years of experience in handling accounts from various regions of U.S.A. and having served in the New York City for a period of four years in the Government Banking Sector, I am sure I can handle the responsibilities that you require.

My job responsibilities are elaborated in the resume attached herewith but I would like to add that I am deft using many accounting software and that really makes a difference in this profession. I was responsible for maintaining a record for all the invoices in my previous companies that included the salary slips, invoices of order placements, etc.

I request you to kindly have a look at my resume and supporting documents. I have enclosed copies of some awards won by me from the New York Government Banking Sector.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Raven Stephens


Highlighting your abilities is essential when looking for a job. When you mention those in the accounts payable clerk cover letter it shows confidence and the fact that you cared to write it down to tell the employer turns into your favor too. So you have nothing to lose. Hence make sure to enclose a cover letter whenever you submit your resume.

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