Database Administrator Cover Letter

There may be hundreds of job applicants for a particular job post. It becomes a daunting task for the hiring manager to select the right applicant from these heaps of resumes. Most of the time the cover letter comes down to become a deciding factor. Hence this makes it even more important to write a cover letter and accompany your resume with it. The database administrator cover letter should serve the purpose of formally introducing you to an employer.

Every employer has their own approach of selecting the candidates. Most of them look at the cover letter and decide whether to call the candidate for an interview or not.

Due to the lack of time, some of them quickly scan at your cover letter to know whether the applicant is applicable for the job or not. The cover letter shows the insight information of the person. The presentation of the letter will show how organized you are and know about the company's policy. The letter provides a quick accessing to your skills and accomplishments and also about your educational and work history background.

Now as you have known the importance of the cover letter, the following rules and tips will make your task of writing one a lot easier.

I hope that the above tips have given you a clear idea as how to write such letters. If not, the sample cover letter for database administrator will definitely help you write one.

Sample Database Administrator Cover Letter

Your Full Name: Residential Address:
Contact details:
E-mail ID:

Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

Employer's name:
Job Title: Company's name:

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Employer's Last Name),

I would appreciate if you consider my resume and cover letter for the position of data administrator in your organization (mention the name of the company/ organization). I was excited to learn about the position at (mention the source of the job vacancy). I believe my skills and experience can be great asset to your company.

Working with (mention the name of your previous work place) has made me aware of the job responsibilities and duties involved here. My key role here was to manage and organize the company's data resources. I made plans and development and did routine checks to prevent any kind of troubleshooting. I am capable of handling data resident usage, design or develop new database applications. I am aware of the modern technology and can identify the user needs and the computer database. In addition to this, I can analyze the test systems.

If you have any query related to my work or would to know more, you can call me at (insert contact details) or email me at (mention your email address). I hope to meet you soon for a follow up interview.

Thank you so much for your consideration and your valuable time.
Your name:

Enclosures: Resume and work Experience Certificate

This is how you can write a simple database administrator cover letter and impress the prospective employer. This is the best way to complement your resume without making it look like a repetition of your resume.

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