Administrative Cover Letters

An administrative resume cover letter is one of the best ways to introduce yourself as a suitable candidate for any position in the company's administration department. This letter is a way to tell your future employer why you are an ideal person for the job post and how you fit the eligibility criteria posted in the advertisement. You can highlight a few of your key skills, job experience and other credentials here, so that the employer gets motivated to open your resume.

While drafting an administrative resume cover letter, write a brief introduction of your accomplishments, you have achieved from your company, as a person in the office administrative department, along with your work experience and educational background. If you are working somewhere, mention your current designation and your main responsibility at that post in the administrative department. If you are a fresher, mention the projects, internships programs or workshops you handled or attended while you were studying.

Remember not to write any information that is included in your resume. This includes your career objective, work history and key skills. Mention the name of the company and your designation in the company you are currently working in, instead of mentioning you complete work history. Also, mention your main skill that makes you an eligible candidate for the position you are applying for. Do not include any references, salary requirements, areas of interests and hobbies in your cover letter. This will only make the employer disinterested in your profile, as all this will be included in your resume.

Keep the letter short and crisp, by not mentioning each and every detail here. See to it that the length of the cover letter is one page. If you mention all your credentials, then there are chances that the letter will exceed the page limit, thus making the employer throw your cover letter into the dust bin. Also, do not forget to mention that you have attached your resume along with your administrative resume cover letter.

Remember that only the appropriate administrative resume cover letter grabs the employer's attention and motivates him to open your resume. Hence, to help you write an appropriate administrative resume cover letter, we have given a few tips and administrative resume cover letter examples here. You can go through them and pick the one that suits your profile. You can also do the required modifications, as per your qualifications, key skills and work experience to draft a perfect administrative resume cover letter to get that interview call.

Checkout our sample administrative resume cover letters below:

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