Payroll Administrator Cover Letter

It is generally seen that people who attach cover letter along with their resume get more number of interview calls as compared to others. Why is it so? This is because it saves recruiters time in understanding the credentials and short listing the candidates. So they look for applications that are sent along with a cover letter. If you have written a cover letter and highlighted your positive traits that are important from the point of view of the recruiter then you are definitely having higher chances of getting an interview call from the recruiter. If you are applying for the position of the payroll administrator then you can use the payroll administrator cover letter sample given below. You can refer this cover letter in writing any other cover letters as well.

Payroll Administrator Job Description:

A payroll administrator is a responsible for salary calculation, distribution of salaries of all the employees of the organization. He is a salary administrator of the organization and should be capable of handling the financial software of the company. He works with the finance and the accounting department of the organization. If he is working in big organizations then there may be more than one employee handling the payroll of the employees. In such cases, a payroll administrator has to handle a team of the junior payroll clerks or payroll processors. A graduation or post graduation in finance or accounting with expertise in handling the payroll software is necessary to become a payroll administrator. Experience of two to three years is also essential for this profile.

Here is a sample payroll administrator cover letter that will help you in building your own cover letter. You can amend it according to your requirement.

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Payroll Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Karl Lance
200 RedHat Lane
Woodland Cottage
CA 32739
United States
Contact number: 739-378-2682
E-mail id:


Neil Erik
Human Resource Manager
Fellow Bros. Ltd.
CA 32839
United States

Subject: Application seeking position of payroll administrator

Reference: Advertisement in

Dear Neil,

I saw your job requirement posted on job portal and I am writing this letter to express my interest in the position of payroll administrator. I am zealously interested in joining your organization and utilize my knowledge and experience.

In the advertisement, it is mentioned that you require individuals who have experience of 4 years in payroll and should be able to handle Quicken books and Intuit Payroll systems. I have the relevant number of years of experience and have been working on these software since two years. Along with Quicken books and Intuit Payroll software systems, I also have knowledge of working with Michal payroll system. I have ability to handle work pressure and meet the deadlines. If necessary, I can also work extra hours and complete the work.

I am a gold medal winner in accounts and have ability to implement new working methods and assist juniors. My resume, enclosed with this letter can give you a clear idea about my skills and qualifications. For any further information, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to meet you for the said position.

Thank you for your considerations. You can call me at 739-378-2682 or mail me at

Sincerely yours,
Karl Lance


This payroll administrator cover letter is an in-general example that highlights the qualities that are generally required in any payroll analyst. However, if the requirements of the recruiter change then the main body of your cover letter should change accordingly.

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