Urban Planner Cover Letter

Urban planner cover letter is a superb technique of proving yourself as an apt candidate for the job. It promptly distinguishes you from other candidates in the competition and thereby, increases your chances of acquiring the job you have applied for. A cover letter is defined as a letter of introduction that formally introduces you to the prospective employer and demonstrates your suitability for the applied position.

By drafting a professional cover letter, you put to display your business etiquettes and mannerisms before your prospective employer. Therefore, the candidate should be serious and committed while composing the cover letter. The candidate should make it a point to keep the letter short and precise. Any excess or redundant information can decrease the readability of your letter.

The candidate should also mention the relevant educational and professional qualifications, abilities, areas of expertise and proficiency, and other necessary credentials in the letter. It is also beneficial to address the issues faced by the organization and explain how you can be useful in solving those issues.

Before sending the document, the candidate should make sure that he has clearly mentioned the contact details, name of the position applying for, and the name of the addressee. Conclude the letter with a humble request for receiving an appointment for the interview.

This is the best sample of urban planner cover letter. You can use it for your personal reference.

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Urban Planner Cover Letter Sample 1


Eric D. Singleton
190 Camden Street
Reno, NV 89501
Phone: 775-344-6136
Email: EricDSingleton@teleworm.us



Aline W. Humphrey
HR Manager
Apex International
4961 Forest Drive
Washington, VA 20200

Dear Ms. Humphrey,

I wish to apply for the position of 'Urban Planner' in your honored organization. I came to know about this job opening through your job advertisement posted on www.urbanjobs.com. Please find the attached copy of my resume for your reference.

I have done my Master's Degree in Urban Planning with a specialization in Environmental Planning from New Hampshire University. Besides, I possess a professional certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners. I have a broad experience of seven years in this sector, which has greatly honed my skills and expertise in this field. I am excellent at creative and innovative planning sense with proficiency in skillfully presenting regulatory conformance, project feasibility, and cost-effectiveness to the clients.

I believe that I meet the requirements of this position and therefore, I would like to request you to give me an opportunity to attend the interview. I hope for an affirmative reply from you. Thank you for considering my document.

Yours sincerely,
Eric D. Singleton


Here is another example for you.

Cover Letter Sample 2


Maria P. Ferguson
1845 Traction Street
Plum Branch, SC 29845
Phone: (864) 443 1589
Email: MariaPFerguson@teleworm.us



Jeff J. Montano
Recruiting Manager
Blistering Transport Services
3859 Cecil Street
Chicago, IL 60634

Dear Mr. Montano,

It makes me excited to apply for the position of 'Transport Planner' in your most renowned organization. Your employment advert published in Husk Periodical made me aware of this job vacancy. I have attached my resume and experience certificate with this letter for your kind persual.

I have completed a bachelor's degree in Transport Engineering from Alabama University. Additionally, I possess proficient problem solving skills, oral and written communication, analytical, managing complex assignments, multitasking, and presentation abilities. I am a versed professional with eight years of vast experience in this industry. Previously, I was working with Optimistic Transport Corporation, where I was responsible for performing technological transport investigation, managing information accumulation method and assessing it before dispersion, organizing public outreach platforms, and other related duties.

I would be highly obliged if you schedule me for the interview, so that I can prove my candidature further. I thank you for spending your precious time and considering my letter.

Yours sincerely,
Maria P. Ferguson


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  2. Experience Certificate

Urban planner cover letter gives you some superior tips and strategies that will help you to compose an eye-catching cover letter.

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