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Audit clerks are the ones who are responsible for recording numerical data and keep the financial records for the company. He or he is also responsible to compute and classify information for data and records. In the audit cover letter, the employer will seek and focuses on the applicant's ability and verify records and transactions which are posted by workers and check figures, postings and documents that are accurate. The letters should overall reflect on the individual's knowledge and ability to make sure that all the assigned duties and responsibilities are carried out effectively.

The sample audit clerk cover letter will give the necessary guidelines on how to write one.

Audit Clerk Cover Letter Sample 1

Your address:


Recipient's Address:

Dear Mr. Hinckley,

I am writing this letter in response to the position of audit clerk you have advertised in the job portals (insert the name of the specific job portal). I have been working in auditing for the last six years and I am familiar with the duties and tasks involved. The work which I did during the span of six years are verifying records and transactions which were posted by workers, checked figures, postings and documents to ensure that they are correct, properly coded and mathematically accurate. Being in this field for so many years has made be perfect and I can find out errors and correct them.

May I have the opportunity to meet you in person and at your convenience discuss my qualifications for joining your team of audit clerks?

Please call me at (insert your contact details) to set a time to get together and if you wish to talk with me. Thanks for your consideration and time for reviewing this letter.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume

Another sample cover letter below can also provide some important and necessary guidelines.

Audit Clerk Cover Letter Sample 2

Address City, state, zip code Phone number Email id


Employer name Title Company Address City, state and zip code

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Last name

This letter is in reference to the advertisement posted in the (mention the source of the advertisement of the post). Pertaining to the advertisement for the post of audit clerk, I have attached my resume with this letter.

I am working as an accounting clerk in a small accounting department of (name of the company). My professional background and experience relates directly to your accounting needs and requirement.

I had the opportunity to develop as well as complete a 2 month of internship in the accounting department in (insert the company's name). In concerned to my current job profile I am responsible for the record maintenance, checking accuracy of figures, postings and calculations related to business transactions completed by workers. Here I have to check for correct entry, mathematical accuracy and proper codes.

Kindly contact me at my (contact details). I look forward in meeting you and discuss on this matter more. If need be I am ready to relocate.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume

Audit clerk cover letter is important as it will determine your working status and highlight some important skill you possess. These sample cover letters will assist you to make one effective letter and definitely make them eye catchy.

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